Breakfast in bottle: Zago breakfast shake

Hello everyone!
let’s talk about breakfast today! πŸ˜€
Few weeks back I posted pictures of me swaying around Cubbon Park on Instagram. I was actually there for a blogger’s meet attending the launch of Zago breakfast shake on a Saturday morning. I usually sleep longer on weekends, but the venue and the breakfast shake sounded exciting. πŸ™‚

Zago breakfast shake

As soon as I reached the spot I was offeredΒ a chilled bottle of Zago breakfast shake in chocolate flavor. It had a chocolaty taste with oats flakes in it.

The fact that it has no preservatives and that it is gluten free makes this breakfast shake very impressive I thought. As I was busy tasting and looking at the back of the drink to check the ingredients , Mr. Sridhar Varadaraj, Managing Partner at Zago was speaking to us about the importance of having breakfast . He said, ” It is a proven fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet it is also most skipped meal in the urban scenario. Zago breakfast shake is for the urban professional who may not have the time to prepare a healthy , wholesome breakfast”.
I could totally relate to him on the part of skipping breakfast. To be very honest , I am not a breakfast person. Most of the time I skip breakfast, because I am too lazy to prepare or confused what to eat. Mostly because I am running late to work! There are very few days that I go out having my breakfast, usually my day begin with a ‘brunch’ the urban way, you know. But breakfast is important, we have been hearing this since our childhood and that’s where Zago breakfast shake comes in. This breakfast drink claims to have Australian oats, proteins and vitamins, everything a wholesome breakfast could give your body.

Zago breakfast shake What I like about the drink:
I like the concept of the drink. It’s an ideal drink for people who tend to skip breakfast or those who are always travelling and have no time for it. I also loved the oats in it, the fiber in it keeps you fuller for long hours. The packaging is not so attractive, but travel friendly. It is fairly priced, 50 Rs. for a bottle and it comes in two other flavor: Mango and Almond.
What I genuinely feel:

I found it too sweet for myself, however if you have a sweet tooth then you will definitely love it! So, it entirely depends on your taste buds. When I made my younger sister try the drink she really liked it. The drink is Ideal for 14-40 years and I feel the young age groups would love it more.
The drink taste better when chilled, once you open the drink , try drinking it within 2-4 hours.
Overall I thought Zago breakfast shake is worth a try. Try it yourself and see. πŸ™‚
You can buy the breakfast shake at ,, and


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  1. Shame that it was too sweet but nevertheless it is great that it is packed with all the nutrients you need to make your day a success. Sounds good x

    • Hi Ana, yes, found it a little sweet, but my cousin found it perfect! So i guess it depends on how much sweetness you can handle. Overall the drink is great! πŸ™‚

  2. I think the product sweetness is relative as it can vary from person to person. Personally I like to make a fresh breakfast each day rather than have something out of a bottle. It’s great it is gluten and preservative free.

    • I totally agree with you! I have this weird taste buds .. I like more of spicy eats! Like I said , my sister found the sweetness perfectly matched to her taste buds.. so yeah, it may vary person to person πŸ™‚

  3. It sounds interesting and I love the fact its gluten free. The packaging is ok it could do with a little more colour on it. A breakfast in a bottle if its a healthy one seems like a winner to me.

  4. Hey there!
    Its so true that most people miss their breakfast, and I am ashamed to say I am one of them.
    This seems like a perfect solution for those days you just cant think of anything to make.
    Thanks for the great review.
    With love,

    • Exactly! I am too guilty of skipping breakfast like everyday. You must try this drink!Do let me know if you do try out the drink, would love to hear your experience as well πŸ™‚

  5. Sounds like a nice drink when you’re always on the go! I think it’s nice that you shared your experience with us. I would like to see if it’s also too sweet for my liking.

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