Ximiso Nepal : Beauty products haul & first impressions

Hey beautiful people! Today’s blog post is going to be a product review on a bunch of Ximiso products which I picked up like few weeks back from Ximiso Nepal, Durbarmarg outlet.

XIMISO (XIMIVOGUE) is a Korea-based designer brand that is a fast fashion department franchised store. If you have been to Miniso Nepal then this place would look a lot familiar to you. Everything looks so cute, pretty and similar to Miniso products!

I quickly scanned the products displayed – bags, soft toys, kitchen stuff, gifting items, beauty products… and like always I was hooked at their beauty department. 😀 Let me show you guys the items I purchased from Ximiso Nepal.

Product # 1 

Ximiso Eyebrow Pencil- I picked up this eyebrow pencil in the shade brown from Ximiso beauty counter for 650 Rs something. (I’ll cross check and update soon). The reason it blew my mind was the functionality of the eyebrow pencil. It has eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, and mascara all in one stick! Pretty happy with this one. I know 650 is a little too much to spend on just a brow pencil , but this one will not disappoint you 🙂


ximi’s style eyebrow pencil

ximi's style eyebrow pencil

ximi’s style eyebrow pencil


Product # 2

Ximivogue Peter rabbit staining lip gloss 01

Taking about this lip stain, I’d say that it just has a cool packaging. There was only two shades available in this product. This one is a pinkish red, and the other one was in orangish red. When applied, the lip stain feels sticky for a few minutes. It has a light scent which fades gradually. Things that I didn’t like about this lip stain is that it didn’t have any ingredients mentioned at the back of the product. It tasted like sugar syrup and it looks awful on dry or cracked lips.


Ximivogue Peter rabbit staining lip gloss 01

Product # 3

Ximiso Nail polish remover- This one again, I picked up because of its cute packaging, but it does its work. It comes with thin cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover liquid inside. Perfect for travel and to store. The container seals perfectly airtight, so there is no fear of the product to dry out.

Ximiso Nail polish remover

Product # 4

Ximivogue Brown Eye-pencil-This eye pencil has a shimmer effect which makes the eyes pop despite the brown tone. Perfect for those who are afraid of black eye pencil, but want to have something on.

Ximivogue Brown Eye-pencil

Product # 5

Ximivogue brightening color concealer pen- Paid around 350 Rs for this concealer. Packaging wise it looks great again, and is pretty good for its price.  It functions like that of a tik tik ball pen and has a easy to apply soft brush at the tip. Fun to press, but does’t show the amount of product dispensed. So, wait for fee seconds after pressing to see the amount of product dispensed at the tip of the brush.

Ximivogue brightening color concealer pen

Product #6

Ximivogue eyeliner pen- This eyeliner comes in sharp soft sketch pen tip and gives easy application. It’s non water proof and smudges. Priced for 350 Rs.

Ximivogue eyeliner pen

Product # 7 

Ximivogue Matte Nail polish- Priced at 125 Rs , this matte nail polish is a must buy. There are various shades available to chose from.

Product # 8

Ximivogue makeup blender- 250 Rs for 2 beauty blender , this one also works pretty well.

Product # 9

Facial cleansing brush- Soft bristle and perfect for daily use, this facial brush comes for 230 Rs.

Ximiso Nepal Location – In Kathmandu, you can spot Ximiso stores in Durbar marg, Kamaladi & Civil Trade Center.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this Ximiso product review on my blog today. Ximiso products are affordable and really chic. Apart from the lip stain I liked most of the Ximiso products listed here. 🙂

Have you used any Ximiso products (preferably beauty products) ? Do let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have any recommendations or products you would want me to review feel free to drop all of that in the comment section or simply DM me on my Instagram page. I would love to get my hands on some of Ximiso best products. 😀



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