4 Ways To Wear A Wire Headband

Last Updated on July 31, 2021 by yangandbeyond

Hey guys! In today’s blog post, I am going to show you all 4 ways to wear a wire headband.

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or you just want to add a little fun to your boring outfit, accessories like a wire headband always come in handy. Continue reading this post to explore some cool ways to tie a wire headband. 

If you have a wire headband with you right now, then you can keep it with you ready to try out the styles, else you can always buy it from any commercial stores or online. It will cost you not more than 100 rs. I got mine from Amazon. CHECK HERE 

4 Ways To Wear A Wire Headband

I prefer wired headbands over other non-wired headbands because they come in use for different purposes, secure the hair without any slips and is very easy to style. I usually wear them as regular headbands or hair bands, but today I just thought to play around with them and try to create some new ways to wear them.  Here are some of the ways to wear a wire headband. I hope you’ll like it.. 🙂

How to tie a wire headband?

Hairstyle #1

The first style is the simplest way to wear a fabric wire headband. All you need to do is wear it around your head and twist both the ends of the wire headbands and adjust it in the shape of a bow. This style is perfect for a more relaxed and casual day out. You can pair it with a casual outfit like tees and jeans or a flare dress. Not very cool for a formal meeting or dinner tho.

Hairstyle #2

You can create a half bun, chic look with the wire headband. I prefer this hairstyle when I am out shopping, it’s very easy to carry this look since it goes with any on the go outfit. Take the front part of your hair starting from the crown and tie it as a ponytail with the help of a rubber band. Now, fold the wire headband twice creating one side of it into a ring. Pull your hair at the back and let it inside the ring. Slowly twist and roll outward until you reach the line of the hairband. Once there, bend the wire inward and secure it by twisting the ends. I don’t know if this is making sense  :/ You can check out the video which I have listed down just in case you couldn’t follow me up here.

ways to wear a wire headband

Hairstyle #3

The third one which I call a back twisted bun is a really simple and sophisticated hairstyle that you can create with a wire headband. Part your hair into two, take the headband from the back of your neck, separate it into two so that each side of the hair has one end. Now, twist the headband around the hair like a spiral. Once done, take both sides of the hair crossing over each other and twist it just to ensure it holds your hair properly. I don’t usually prefer wearing a headband on formal occasions, but this one would not look that bad. What say?  😉


Hairstyle #4

This is my favourite! It’s super simple to create even though it looks like quite an effort. Follow the same steps as for #3 but, in this case, instead of twisting it back, bring it to the front and secure it by twisting the front ends of the headband.
I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did writing it. 🙂 Which hairstyle did you like the most, let me know in the comment below. 🙂

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