How to use MAC pigments- Tips and tricks

Loose eyeshadow pigments look beautiful on eyes when applied correctly. However, if you don’t know how to use these pigmments well, then you might end up looking like a messy ball of glitter.

Here are some simple ways you can use pigments:

Eyeshadow base

The best option is to use a cream eyeshadow base. It holds the pigments really well for long. Not at all messy .

Stick them on!

Yes, you can stick them (Don’t smear) on with the help of eyelash glue. Good thing is that it makes the glitter stick instantly . Down wards is that it sort of makes your eye crease  stiff and uncomfortable . It gives a rich matte finish but could look patchy if you don’t do it right.

Gloss or not

Some say you can use a clear gloss to sick the pigments , but i found it really tacky. And even after hours of application there is still a sticky feeling around the crease. So i don’t prefer that option much for a long day wear.

Gel I tell

Yes, you  can use gel…
I used aloevera face gel as eyeshadow primer.So after applying the gel , pick some amount of MAC pigments in your brush and press it gently over your eyelid. I like this better. It gives my eyes a cool sensation and since it dries off quickly there is no feeling of stickiness as such.

Wet the brush

You can wet the tip of the brush a little , get rid of the extra water by gently pressing the brush with a tissue , pick the pigments and press it on you eye.  Remember too much of water on the brush will led to wastage of pigments. This method worked a little for me , but the MAC pigments lost its intense color once I finished my eye makeup.


So these were few of the tricks I had tried . Have you tried any of these methods? What do you think is the best way to stick glitter / pigments on eyes? Let me know in the comment box below  🙂

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