The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash : Review

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Today’s post is going to be on  The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash . My bottle of body shop face wash is almost over and today while washing my face I realized I haven’t done a review on it yet! So, I freshened up myself , grabbed a cup of tea and sat down with my lappy to do this post:)

Before I tell you my experience with the product let’s hear what the product claims .

This daily-use facial wash for blemished skin gives clearer-looking skin when used as part of a regular regime. Removes excess oil without over-drying skin. Helps remove impurities. Clinically proven to give clearer- looking skin”

So like it says, I am pretty impressed from the way it worked on my oily face. It did reduce a good amount of breakouts and helped in oil control. I was earlier using the clean and clear face wash  which is comparably way more cheaper than the body shop tea tree face wash , but I wanted to try this particular face wash because of its positive review from many other bloggers. Also, because I was having sudden breakouts at the beginning of the spring (I hate it! ). I got this bottle on February 2nd and I am still using the same bottle. At first I was little reluctant to pay 695 Rs for a face wash but then 250 ml is a good quantity I thought. I am glad I bought it that day.

the body shop tea tree face wash

Why I love this product:

I love the fresh and cool effect of the product on my face every morning and evening. I especially love the relaxing feel it gives to my skin after a long day at work. The texture is not creamy but more like liquid gel. Make sure you take just a little amount of the product by not pressing the bottle hard. Since it’s not creamy texture  it doesn’t lather much. Just take a little bit of the product , rub it thoroughly on your palm and start working it on your face. If you have extremely oily skin like mine then I suggest you to grab the body shop tea tree face toner as well. They work like wonders together. I’ll be doing the review on the toner soon. Stay tune!

Quantity : 250 ml

Price: 695 INR (BUY HERE)


  • Long lasting
  • gives cooling effect (right choice for summer)
  • would dry the skin
  • good quantity

Would I recommend you to buy this product?

Absolutely! Don’t worry about the price as it’s actually long lasting.


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