Thamel Kathmandu:

Hey guys! If you are following me on Instagram I am sure you all know that I was in Nepal two months back. I did promise to give you all more blogs and upload more videos throughout my stay in Nepal, however, I hardly got much chance to shoot. But I did manage to take few shots which I recently finished editing and I am super excited to share it with you all. So, in today’s post, I’ll be taking you around one of the most popular spots in Kathmandu city- Yes, Thamel!

Thamel has been one of the most preferred destinations in Kathmandu for all travelers ever since the beginning and end of the hippie movement. Before Thamel became the most popular destination in Kathmandu, It was the freak street in Kathmandu that hippies around the world made their second home, until the government intervenes to stop hippies in Kathmandu. As freak street lost its spark, Thamel rise to popularity for its services like hotels and restaurants in Kathmandu, pubs, antique shops and more.

This place is also the one-stop destination for trekkers traveling to Nepal. Travel agencies, trekking packages, trekking gears etc can be easily found here. Thamel is also known for its nightlife.

Thamel Kathmandu

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