Simple ways to reduce plastic use in your daily life

If you are someone who carries your own shopping bag to the grocery store or someone who constantly looks for a sustainable switch to reduce plastic usage, “Hi five!” I always look for alternate ways to reduce plastic use in my daily life, and here are some switches I made in order to  reduce plastic footprint.

 reduce plastic use

Carrying a tote bag for shopping to reduce plastic waste

While it’s convenient to ask for a plastic bag at the grocery store or anytime I am out shopping, my inner conscience always tells me that it’s not a wise choice. I don’t like to see plastic bags ending up in the garbage bin, therefore I make sure I carry one extra foldable grocery bag with me all the time. You can either DIY a tote bag using an old t-shirt or buy one. I have a tote bag from Yoaatma , not only does it have a cool print, but it is also spacious enough. 

You can find some good cloth/ jute tote bags at a reasonable price on Amazon too.

Carrying a water bottle to reduce plastic water bottles usage

If you know me personally, you know how much I hate buying water in plastic bottles especially when I am out. On days when I know I am going to be for hours, I carry my own water bottle. I have a half-liter glass bottle that easily fits inside my handbag, you can even go for a stainless steel bottle. Switching from a plastic bottle to a glass/steel bottle is a wise choice in terms of health, but it is also the right move to make for the environment. This is again one of the simplest ways you can work toward the reduction of plastic pollution. 

Switching to wooden toothbrush 

I recently switched to a wooden toothbrush and I can’t express how much I love it. The one I have here is from Manusatva, a community that aims to bring behavioral change in society, nature by adapting sustainable practices & passes on a message that “Humanity still exists”. 

Using stainless steel straws 

One time use plastic straws at the restaurants or stalls can easily be replaced with steel straws if you make a decision to carry one with you all the time. You can easily buy stainless steel straws in India online. Most of these steel straws come with a cleaning brush so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. In order to carry it all the time with you in your bag, go for stainless steel straws with a case. This way you can store your steel straw after using it. 

Choosing beauty products wisely

Be it haircare or skincare products, looking for non-plastic packaging beauty products or switching it with bottle packaging can make a huge difference. Imagine how many beauty products you buy in a year and the amount of plastic pollution that it causes. Recycled plastic packaging is still fine. 

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