Shopping in Bangalore : 5 best places to shop under budget

There are a number of shopping malls in Bangalore that has all high fashion brands under one roof, but there are also streets in Bangalore that offers equally fashionable clothes and accessories in half the price!

Let’s have a look at these shopping spots in Bangalore that could be your ultimate shopping guide. ☺

bangalore street shopping commercial street

1. Dubai Plaza Bangalore -In the mist of foreign brands and attractive showrooms, Dubai Plaza in Brigade road, manages to draw the spotlight of being the favorite shopping corner for many. The underground Tibetan shopping corner is a single lane area with shops on both sides ( right and left). The place is little cramped but the items are visibly and attractively displayed and also reasonably priced. Your bargaining skills will not be applied much here as most shopkeepers stick to their price. But trust me; you need not bargain at all as everything is quite reasonable as compared to other places. Shoes, bags, clothes or accessories, you can find all of it under one roof. If you are running short of time or have a limited budget or are confused about what to buy then this is the place where you should definitely head.

2. Commercial Street Bangalore –


Want to really enjoy street Shopping in Bangalore? Commercial street is where you should head. Get ready to revive your sugary talking skills along with your barraging skills for this spot. Yes, the lanes here are loaded with a variety of items with no fixed price. Yes, you can Bargain! Make sure you have plenty of time to shop as you may run out of time on choosing and picking from a plethora of items. I would advise you to wear comfy slippers as you might need to walk on the uneven lanes for long and in fact walk a lot.

3. Tibet Mall Koramangala – Tibet mall is Situated close to JNC (girls college). As the name suggests, the shops are run by Tibetans and their business features are more or less like the Dubai plaza like ‘No bargains’. They have the trendiest clothes to offer in town yet are slightly expensive than clothes in Dubai Plaza.

4. Raheja arcade Koramangla – This place is another paradise for all and my favorite budget Shopping spot in Bangalore. From factory rejected clothes that are priced from 50 rs to ethnic wears that starts from 150 Rs, this place has everything to offer under one roof.

5. Avenue road & chickpet market Bangalore – If you like more of ethnic wears then this is the best place to buy sarees in Bangalore. Everything is so cheap that you would end up buying at least one saree even when you don’t wear!

If you are planning to go on a shopping spree in Bangalore, do hit these places. I bet you will return home with a big smile and bag full of happiness. 🙂


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