Wise Shopping around Brigade Road, Bangalore

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Shopping in Bangalore is seemingly not difficult , but then  it is not that easy either.  With multiple existing malls  such as Phoenix , VR, Forum, and Garuda (to name a few) there are tons of shopping options Bangalore . While these fancy malls have a lot to offer, there are also places which don’t fall under the glittery roof yet your eyes sparkle with joy when you go shopping there. I call shopping in those places as “wise shopping zone” . Not that I am anti – brand , but like any other girl  I like my wardrobe to have fashion items assembled from all corner ; be it or not from the malls. Plus point about shopping at these places is that you save on your money.  🛍 🙂

So let’s talk about “wise shopping” around Brigade road. Yes, If you stay in Bangalore I need not give an intro of this awesome  place, but for those who are not in Bangalore let me tell you that if you are a shopaholic, i bet will never return empty handed. You’ll have something or the other to grab . 🙂

Where to Go…………………….

For Accessories :

If you are someone who loves to collect accessories  then check out the small corner right next  Fifth avenue Building, I bet you would get something of your taste there. From different style of chokers to funky earrings and sunglasses, they have pretty good collection. Yes, you can try your bargaining skills there 😉   (Picture pending)

For Cloths:

Dubai Plaza is a good spot to shop for clothes and shoes. They have pretty nice stuffs but you got to have a lot of patience to chose, try and buy. The shops there are quite congested, but great news is that they have AC now.  (Picture pending)

For Bags:

Do- Bhai (Hindi) 3rd floor of dubai plaza has any sizes or designs of bags you are looking for and even if you don’t find your style I bet you will like something new there . Get ready to be called as “friend” when you enter their shop. “Hi friend!” or ” Hello Dost “this is how they greet all their customers. I remember my PG mates used to refer Their shop as “Dost Ka Dukan” 😀 The prices of the bags range from 100- 1000 (and plus) , but if you have the bargaining skills then you will get it at your most favourable price.



What are your thought on wise shopping ? Which are your favourite shopping spots in your city? Do share with me in comment below. 🛍🛍🛍

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