Seer Secrets Aloe Vera & Guduchi Hydrating & Retexturing Facial Serum Review

Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be a product review on one of the seer secrets products which I received from them a month ago.
Seer Secrets Aloe Vera & Guduchi Hydrating & Retexturing Facial Serum Review
Seer Secrets Aloe Vera & Guduchi Hydrating & Retexturing Facial Serum

Before we go more into the details of the product, let’s see what the product description says;

“See your skin bounce back to healthy radiance with the Seer Secrets Aloe Vera & Guduchi Hydrating & Retexturing Facial Serum. Our facial serum is enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera & Guduchi which helps in giving you a flawless, pimple free, clear & glowing skin. Guduchi has anti-aging properties and makes the skin healthy while aloe Vera on the other hands helps in soothing sun burn, accelerates would healing, fight signs of aging, reduces acne, lightens blemishes and provides hydration to the skin making it supple and soft. It works as a natural Exfoliant which exfoliates at micro level. It contains Sugarcane extract which has high intensity of Glycolic acid helping is exfoliation and giving a retexture to the skin. This is an oil free serum light enough to be applies multiple times a day and will be your perfect night regimen. Mild tingling can be experienced while using the product.”

Moving on with the Ingredient list…
It has: Aqua, Aloe vera juice extract, guduchi juice extract, orange fruit extract, sugarcane extract, Vitamin C, Linalool, Limonene, Carboxymethyl cellulose.
Talking about the Packaging ... It comes in a blue see through glass bottle with a black dropper nozzle. Since it’s glass bottle, I don’t know how travel safe will it be, but the bottle is quite thick and it totally depends on how you’d carry it.
Texture- The texture is not too thick, neither too runny. It doesn’t leave you with an sticky skin as the oil free light texture of the serum gets easily absorb into the skin.

Price: 432 rs
Quantity: 30 ml

Pros –

  • Very light weight
  • The fragrance of the serum is very mild
  • Non- sticky
  • Hydrating
  • Has a dropper nozzle which helps in getting the right drops of serum required
  • Perfect for oily skin type
  • Affordable

Cons – 

To be really honest, I didn’t find any drawbacks since the time I started using it.

My take on the product:
Having an extremely oily skin, I had always dreaded to put on any face serum on my skin. However, it was the ingredients list mentioned on this seer secrets facial serum that I was convinced to try it on my skin. Seer Secrets Aloe Vera & Guduchi Facial Serum is not at all sticky. It felt really light and absorbed on my skin pretty neat. I used the serum before going to bed, just 3- 5 drops is enough.It has indeed helped in controlling acne on my skin and in brightening my face. I did not get any new pimple after using the product, so far. Thanks to the aloe vera and vitamin c content in the serum!It has even helped my skin from being extra oily to normal.

When is the best time to apply this serum?

I prefer to apply this facial serum before going to bed, because that way I give my skin a good 6-8 hours of quality time to absorb the goodness of the serum, and wake up with a beautiful skin.

If you are also looking for a light, and effective serum, you can try this one. You can buy get them online at Amazon or Nykaa.

I have also used other seer secrets products earlier and loved the results. Read my thought on seer secrets body cleanser seer HERE.


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