Shopping At Raheja Arcade Koramangala

Last Updated on July 15, 2020 by yangandbeyond

Located just a few walks away from Forum mall , this place has everything to offer for all street shopping freaks all under one roof.

Raheja Arcade Koramangala

There are multiple stalls that offers chunky accessories to beautiful ethnic wear. From bags, clothes and shoes  to souvenirs. The most colorful stall is of the handicraft seller’s . The products are reasonably priced and trust me, they look really nice. If you’re in Bangalore for the first time don’t forget to take some handy craft items back along with you. 🙂

There is also this stall that sells all variety of pachak and mouth fresheners that you’ll definitely love.

The stall with piles of clothes on table at the left hand side of entrance grabbed our first attention. They are actually factory seconds or factory rejected clothes as you may call it. Tops, shorts, palazzos and dresses and many more. Starting price is 50 Rupees and Maximum 200 Rupees. The prices are broken down as : Shorts for 50 bucks, tops for 80 and dresses for 130 bucks.

Anjali and I swam into piles of clothes lying on the table and could find real pretty cool tops and dresses. While picking up clothes look carefully as 80 percent of the clothes are factory rejected so a hole here and there is for sure. No wonder why the clothes are so cheap. But  good enough to wear at home and some even for a day out.

After digging there for some time and paying for the selected stuffs we then straight away headed to the shoes and sandals corner. Everything was reasonably priced so we didn’t have to bargain much, but as the street shopping habit still exist within us we still insisted for a little discount 😛 And yes, we did get! I picked up a Jelly sandal for the rainy days paying just 150 Rupees.

And after all the shopping and hopping scene we needed to grab some yummy food. There are few good Vegetarian restaurants inside the arcade, but we were craving momos…. Tenzin’s Kitchen is located just across the street, so we decided to chill for sometime and fill our tummy there.

Do check out this spot and let me know how was your experience there 🙂

Meanwhile, If you really like to explore city’s best street shopping destination then you got to go to Commercial street! I have been there couple of times, take a look HERE.