Pork with bamboo shoot Curry

Hey guys! Today’s mouthwatering pork recipe is for all those friends & Insta fam who had been asking me to share the recipe ever since I posted a picture of it on Instagram. Ironically, I am not much of a pork person like I used to be, but I still find great pleasure in preparing it for my loved once on weekends; on their sweet demand. Any Vegans here? Sorry…you guys would just have to leave this post here. *cringe*

Ok, so all you porky fans are you ready? First thing, get the ingredients ready. 🙂

Prep Time: 40-45 minutes


  • 2 tbsp cooking oil
  • 1 kg pork
  • 1 medium size Onion
  • 1 spoon full Ginger garlic paste  (preferably fresh)
  • Salt to taste
  • Black Soy Sauce
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • Chilly powder
  • Bamboo shoot


Wash the meat thoroughly in running tap water and place it on a clean plate. Place the pressure cooker on the induction gas and add few drops of cooking oil. Next, cut the onion into small pieces and fry it in the oil. Once the onion turns slightly reddish in color, add the meat with a pinch of salt. Give it a good mix. Stir it after 10 mins again. leave it for 5 mins until you hear the crackling sound of the fats. After which, add the chopped tomatoes on top of the meat. Then, some chilly powder, garlic and ginger paste, 2 spoons of soy souse and finally add the bamboo shoot. Don’t give it a stir this time. Just add a cup of water and put the lid of the cooker on. Let it whistle for 4 and turn off the gas. Open the lid and mix the topping ingredients with the meat well. Serve it with plain rice and some boiled veggies. 🙂


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