Palladio velvet matte lipcream vs nyx soft matte lipcream

Previously I had done reviews and swatches on Nyx soft matte lipcreams , (If you want you can quickly go through here) however this is my first time trying out lips product from Palladio.

Website Description of Both of the products:

Palladio VELVET MATTE Cream Lip Color

A lush, velvety liquid lip color with a lasting, rich matte finish.

  • Moisturizing fluid cream formula
  • Soft, flattering matte finish
  • Applies with a doe-foot applicator

* Botanical & Vitamin Infused

Nyx Soft Matte Lipcream

Now available in twelve more statement-making shades, our velvety smooth Soft Matte Lip Cream delivers a burst of creamy color and sets to a stunning matte finish. Surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy, it’s no wonder this sweetly scented formula is a NYX fan favorite.


So what do I think?

Texture: Both are in liquid formula. Very creamy and gives a smooth application. NYX smlc takes few seconds to set into matte and is slightly dry , so a lip balm before application is a must.  Palladio velvet matte lip cream on the other hand doesn’t set into complete matte ( like it says in their website description ” soft , flattery matte finish) , and since it does not dry, the good thing is that it’s very moisturizing. They both are highly pigmented , and every shade has a good color pay off.

Packaging: Talking about the packaging, they both come in a see through tube and has a lip gloss  appearance . But in both cases not all shades as appeared from the tube would look the same when applied on lips. The doe- foot applicator gives both these lip cream users super easy application experience with amazing end result. They both have good lasting power.

Does is transfer easily?  Nyx smlc doesn’t transfer once it set into matte finish , whereas , Palladio vmlc transfer just too easily. And since it does not dry out at all it keeps your lips moisturize but transfer very easily on almost anything and everything. Your teeth (most annoying) , the glass on which you just drank juice,  your white dress…

Palladio vmlc stains your lips so good thing is that you can  use it as a lip stain , Nyx smlc  doesn’t which again is good as you don’t have to struggle to get the product off your lips.

Nyx smlc has a scent , don’t worry it smells great. It smells so  yummy that i bet you would certainly  be reminded  of your  favorite cupcake  , Palladio Vmlc doesn’t have any scent which any way is  a plus point.

There is not much price difference between the two. Just a dollar difference. Palladio vmlc – $7 and  Nyx smlc $6

My final take: 

I like how Palladio vmlc keeps my lips moisturize throughout the day.  But it transfers 🙁 I wish I had gone for the nude and coral shade instead of the dark reds because bright bold colour are highly noticeable when transferred to your teeth , clothes etc. My only whining point about Palladio vmlc is that it transfers way too easily. Other than that   i am happy with the product , and especially to know that it’s herbal  it just feels good to know that my lips are in safe hands.  Nyx smlc have been my fav ever since I tried it. The fact that they are cruelty free makes me even more glad. Apart from that why I truly adore nyx smlc is that it’s true matte and stays put without any smudges around the lip corner.   🙂

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