Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette Review

Today’s blog post is going to be on Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette which I bought like three weeks ago. Sivanna cosmetics has really beautiful eyeshadow collection and I had a really hard time deciding which one to buy. Since I wanted a smokey brown eyeshadow palette, I chose Sivanna matte eyeshadow palette  in No. 2.

After trying it out for weeks straight I must say that I loved it! It has become my go to eyeshadow palette this summer. Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette  falls under nude category and has ten beautiful neutral shades in one palette. Even though it says it’s matte it does have three shimmer shades and one highlighter, which completes or should I say complements the other matte shades in the palette. A perfect eyeshadow palette for daytime wear , and also you can wear it at night with a bold lipstick. Talking about the texture and pigmentation, I would say that it’s not at all powdery . It sets perfectly and last for about 5 hours without an eyeshadow primer. The pigmentation is good as compared to the price. However, I suggest you use it with an eyeshadow base to get rich pigmentation. I paid 420 rs for the palette and it’s absolutely worth it! 🙂

Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette Review

Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette

Packaging: The packaging is super cool and definitely travel friendly. The size is perfect to carry it around and also very light in weight. It comes in a see through container with two applicator and a small mirror attached. From the look it would just seem like a regular eyeshadow palette but as you open the palette and slide the palette box right you will find the applicator hiding with the mirror. I wasn’t aware of that until my friend playfully fiddled with the palette and saw it. 😀

Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette Review


Ingredients: Talc, mica, magnessium, paraffinum liquidum, ethylhexyl, palmitate, polybutene, methylparaben, propylparaben.

Net Wt : 13 g

Price: 420 rs Buy Here



Easily Available online

Good pigmentation

Travel Friendly


So far I didn’t find any , but I would update you guys as I see it 🙂

Would I recommend you to buy this product?

Yes, if you are looking for an affordable , good pigmentation eyeshadow palette then this one is a must try!

Have you used any of the sivanna products? Which is your favorite so far? Let me know in the comment below , I would love to check them out. 🙂

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash : Review

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is going to be on  The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash . My bottle of body shop face wash is almost over and today while washing my face I realized I haven’t done a review on it yet! So, I freshened up myself , grabbed a cup of tea and sat down with my lappy to do this post:)

Before I tell you my experience with the product let’s hear what the product claims .

This daily-use facial wash for blemished skin gives clearer-looking skin when used as part of a regular regime. Removes excess oil without over-drying skin. Helps remove impurities. Clinically proven to give clearer- looking skin”

So like it says, I am pretty impressed from the way it worked on my oily face. It did reduce a good amount of breakouts and helped in oil control. I was earlier using the clean and clear face wash  which is comparably way more cheaper than the body shop tea tree face wash , but I wanted to try this particular face wash because of its positive review from many other bloggers. Also, because I was having sudden breakouts at the beginning of the spring (I hate it! ). I got this bottle on February 2nd and I am still using the same bottle. At first I was little reluctant to pay 695 Rs for a face wash but then 250 ml is a good quantity I thought. I am glad I bought it that day.

the body shop tea tree face wash

Why I love this product:

I love the fresh and cool effect of the product on my face every morning and evening. I especially love the relaxing feel it gives to my skin after a long day at work. The texture is not creamy but more like liquid gel. Make sure you take just a little amount of the product by not pressing the bottle hard. Since it’s not creamy texture  it doesn’t lather much. Just take a little bit of the product , rub it thoroughly on your palm and start working it on your face. If you have extremely oily skin like mine then I suggest you to grab the body shop tea tree face toner as well. They work like wonders together. I’ll be doing the review on the toner soon. Stay tune!

Quantity : 250 ml

Price: 695 Rs.

Where to buy:

You can buy it from the Body Shop Store or buy online at Nykaa .



  • Long lasting
  • gives cooling effect (right choice for summer)
  • would dry the skin
  • good quantity

Would I recommend you to buy this product?

Absolutely! Don’t worry about the price as it’s actually long lasting.


Commercial Street Bangalore : Summer shopping spree  

Commercial Street Bangalore

Commercial Street aka ‘Com Street’ is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Bangalore . It is a must visit budget friendly shopping spot! If you are thinking to give your wardrobe  a major summer update without spending much then this is the place you must hit this weekend. The best thing about this street is that you can BARGAIN, tell me who doesn’t love that? I LOVE IT…. 😀

This street used to be my regular shopping spot when we I was in college. Shopping here requires a lot of patients , time (which you sort of lose it once you start working) and if you chose to go out shopping  by the noon in this summer heat  then you may need a lot of props. Props such as: Umbrella , water bottle, scarf, shades and cash!  De-monetization effect. ……There are many shops around this street which do not accept debit / credit cards so if you don’t want to run around looking for ATM machines  then make sure you withdraw some cash before walking down  the crowded lanes of commercial street.

Where to Shop For Summer Clothes at Commercial Street

If the confusing narrow lanes of commercial street is holding you back from going to com street then I am here to help you!

Safina Plaza

Commercial Street Bangalore

I picked this black summer dress from Safina plaza for less than 200 Rs. can you believe it?!

Commercial Street Bangalore

There was this stall at safina plaza ground floor that was selling tops and dresses for 200 Rs. Not just that,  they also had this amazing offer of buy 4 and get one free! In short, 5 tops/dresses for 800 Rs! Isn’t that awesome? I went crazy! I picked like exactly 5 items from that particular stall , yes just 5 because I knew I would get more interesting offers and items as I go further down the streets. Sad thing about shopping in safina plaza is that the stalls are not permanent. The stalls there keep changing, so if you step in there and find some great offers just grab it as it might not be there the second time you visit. If you are lazy to hunt down the lanes of commercial streets then this place is the most ideal shopping spot for you. You’ll get everything from accessories, clothes, bags, sandals (right outside the plaza) , and some interesting exhibition going on in the centre of the plaza. The exhibition items were pretty expensive so we chose to skip that centre and head straight to our next shopping spot.

Ibrahim street commercial street

Commercial Street Bangalore

If you go to this street , the first place you must hit is the ‘ Naughtee store’ (don’t go with the name tho 😉  )which is located at Ibrahim Street. They also have a store behind Anand sweets , however the one at the Ibrahim street is more spacious and has more variety. You’ll get tops for 250 Rs. and dresses under 400 Rs. Yes, you can bargain! If you are picking up two or more items just make use of your bargaining skills.

For Sandals & Accessories Go Behind Anand Sweets

I like this corner for sandals and accessories because it has a bit of shade where you can comfortably stand and scan the items during the day time. But during the evening I love to explore other lanes for better priced sandals and accessories. You’ll find sandals starting from 100 Rs to whatever range and of different styles. I wasn’t planning to get one,  but I was forced to because I was wearing a wedge and my feet was hurting after long hours of walk. I picked up a purple velvety flat for 100 Rs. So girls, always wear a comfy shoes or sandal when you go shopping in commercial street. I’ll be doing a blog post on the stuffs I bought at commercial street , so if you want to see things I had picked, stay tuned!

That’s all for today! I’ll let you all know about more places to shop in Commercial street in few days to come. Meanwhile , let me know if you have been to commercial street and which are your favorite  spots ? Do comment below I would love to hear from you. 🙂