Mac lady danger Lipstick review

Lipstick shades such as Orange and orangy red were in rage like five years ago, that time when I came across Mac Lady Danger Lipstick at one of my friends place, I was like ” Damn it is such a bright red! ” . As you all know that I am a huge fan of red lipstick, I told myself that I’ve got to buy it this time! But then, I had already bought Mac ruby woo then, so going out of my budget to get another mac lipstick was out of my zone. Never mind, this time when Nykaa had it’s Mac anniversary sale where they were offering a free mac lipstick on purchase of Rs 3000/ . I had to jump in. I for no doubt chose the shade – Lady danger , and got it delivered in a very sophisticated package by Nykaa. I am finally ready to give you all a comprehensive review on Mac Lady Danger Lipstick. So lets get started…

Mac lady danger
Mac matte lipstick- Mac Lady Danger

About the shade –
Mac lady danger is a Vivid bright coral-red (Matte) . I would say that it is a vibrant red lipstick with an orange undertone which makes it stand out. Would look great on lighter skin tone as compared to deeper skin tone. But I am not saying that it wont suit darker skin tone, it depends on how you carry it 😉

Lip swatch of Mac lady danger Lipstick-

Quantity: 3g

Price: Rs. 1500 on Nykaa website

What I like about Mac Lady Danger Lipstick

  • The shade is bright and uplifts the face instantly
  • It falls under mac matte lipstick collection, but it is much easier to work on as compared to other matte lipstick.
  • It does not dry out the lips
  • The pigmentation of the lipstick is amazing
  • It last for up to 5 to 6 hours without smudging
  • Love the signature scent of mac lipsticks

What I don’t like about Mac Lady Danger Lipstick

  • There are many other drugstore brand that have similar shade in market now.
  • It’s on a bit expensive side.
  • The shade may look too loud for a day out.

Wrapping up….

If you are someone with fair skin or someone who loves to experiment with different shades of red then you should definitely check out this shade. Don’t jump in and buy. Visit Mac store , get it swatch on your lips and only then make your final decision.

Also, there are tons of mac lady danger dupes that you can find in drug store brands. If you are in low budget , and looking to try a shade similar to lady danger then definitely go for Nyx Idie flick. It’s almost the same shade as Mac lady Danger, but half the price. 🙂

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nykaa ultra matte lipstick marilyn review & swatch

Hey guys! After a very long break from blogging, here I am back with yet another product review! I have with me the Nykaa ultra matte lipstick in the shade Marilyn.It was launched just few months back, and the hype around the the nykaa untra matte lipstick got my attention.

If you are active on Instagram, I am sure you guys must have come across Indian beauty bloggers sharing lipstick swatches of Nykaa ultra matte lipstick o their page. So much of hype aside, is the lipstick worth buying? Continue reading to know more about the shade that I bought from their ultra matte lipstick collection and also my honest review on the product.

Let’s listen to what the brand has to say about the Nykaa ultra matte lipstick
Matte, matter, mattest! Meet the Nykaa ultra matte lipstick, a super matte lipstick that adorns your lips with a veil of full-bodied, opaque color for a modern matte finish. The exquisitely blended formula of this lipstick strikes a perfect harmony between intense color and extreme matte finish. It’s super-smooth jojoba oil fortified formula glides on your lips effortlessly and keeps them nourished all day long. It doesn’t get better and matter than this!
Features of Nykaa ultra matte lipstick-
1. Extreme matte finish
2. Full-bodied pigment
3. Long-wearing and weightless formula
4. Vegan, dermatologically tested, paraben free and cruelty free.

Price– Rs 599

Quantity– 4.2 gm
Shelf life– 3 years
Shades available– They have around 10 beautiful shades available, consisting mostly of Pink, nude, red and berry shades.Each shade has a number and names inspired from some of the most iconic women in history. Such as 01 Helen, 02 Nefertiti, 03 Audrey, 04 Venus, 05 Noor, 06 Diana, 07 Grace, 08 Cleopatra, 09 Monalisa and 10 Marilyn.

Where to buy Nykaa ultra matte lipstick– You can purchase the lipstick from Nykaa official website.
1. Paraben free
Long shelf life
Beautiful shade
Easy to apply
Nice packaging with a magnetic lid that keeps the lipstick secure.
Not transfer proof
Available only online

My experience with the product-
I was pretty excited when I received my product. I was looking for a rich red lipstick shade on a more affordable side, and around that time when I saw that Nykaa had recently launched their ultra matte lipstick, I could not hold myself. I had to try it! It was the shade ‘Marilyn’ that got me hooked. The shade is totally the kind of red I was looking for. Has a blue undertone to it with a hint of raspberry pink.
The first time I tried the lipstick, I was totally blown away with the color, texture and pigmentation of the product, but was later on let down with the amount of lipstick that kept transferring through out the day.The lipstick is not transfer proof, but interestingly the color stays on the lips throughout the day, meaning, it has a strong staining power that no mater how much the lipstick transfers, it’ll still look like you have a good amount of color on. Considering the price, even though it’s fairly priced, I just feel that it came with better staying power. In terms of the color of the lipstick, I am 100 percent happy, but the way it transfers made me pretty upset. I feel the product would be a great option for photo-shoots, but not so great to wear it on a special occasions or for a long day out.

Have you tried the Nykaa ultra matte lipstick yet? What are your thoughts, let me know in the comment section below.

Easy ways to remove tan from face immediately at home

After my recent 14 days trip to Manang – Nepal, my skin tanned like never before. I did carry sunscreen lotion and moisturizer, but even then my skin darkened and looked brownish red. As they say ‘ oily skin recover faster from skin tan than the dry skin’ , so yes, I almost could get rid of my skin tan in just 1 week using some really easy home remedy to remove tan from face. Keep reading if you want to know how to get rid of skin tan at home.

Tomatoes and potatoes puree ice cubes for skin tan.

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants which not only soothes the skin from tan but also gives the skin a healthy glow.

How to use tomatoes for sunburn/ skin tan

You can either apply sliced tomato directly on your face or make a puree then ice cubed it and use one cube daily on clean face. I like to use tomato puree on my face, because it is simple to store , makes less waste and tomato puree ice cubes does two jobs in one – soothes the skin and tones the skin at the same time.

How to make –

Wash the tomatoes and cut them in medium sizes. Blend it smooth in a blender adding just two to three spoons of plain water. Once it’s blended well, pour it carefully in a ice cube tray and leave it to freeze. You can use one cube in the morning and one before going to bed.

I even made cubes out of potato juice and I usually use it on alternative days. You can either grate the potato and apply the juice directly on your face using a cotton or make cubes of the juice.

Apart from these potato and tomato cubes , I tried this really moisturizing face mask that helped to remove skin tan leaving my skin super soft and healthy.

Potato, curd and honey face mask for skin tan

How to make –

Boil one potato until soft. Remove the skin and mash it well. Add two spoons of curd, one spoon honey and give it a good mix. Apply on a clean face. Wash it after the face pack is properly dried. Do massage your face for 5 mins before rinsing it with cold water.