Breakfast in bottle: Zago breakfast shake

Hello everyone!
let’s talk about breakfast today! 😀
Few weeks back I posted pictures of me swaying around Cubbon Park on Instagram. I was actually there for a blogger meet at the launch of Zago new breakfast shake on a Saturday morning. I usually sleep longer on weekends, but the venue and the breakfast shake sounded exciting. 🙂

As soon as I reached the spot I was offered a chilled bottle of Zago breakfast shake in chocolate flavor. It had a chocolaty taste with oats flakes in it.


The fact that it has no preservatives and that it is gluten free makes this breakfast shake very impressive I thought. As I was busy tasting and looking at the back of the drink to check the ingredients , Mr. Sridhar Varadaraj, Managing Partner at Zago was speaking to us about the importance of having breakfast . He said, ” It is a proven fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet it is also most skipped meal in the urban scenario. Zago breakfast shake is for the urban professional who may not have the time to prepare a healthy , wholesome breakfast”.
I could totally relate to him on the part of skipping breakfast. To be very honest , I am not a breakfast person. Most of the time I skip breakfast, because I am too lazy to prepare or confused what to eat. Mostly because I am running late to work! There are very few days that I go out having my breakfast, usually my day begin with a ‘brunch’ the urban way, you know. But breakfast is important, we have been hearing this since our childhood and that’s where Zago breakfast shake comes in. This breakfast drink claims to have Australian oats, proteins and vitamins, everything a wholesome breakfast could give your body.
What I like about the drink:
I like the concept of the drink. It’s an ideal drink for people who tend to skip breakfast or those who are always travelling and have no time for it. I also loved the oats in it, the fiber in it keeps you fuller for long hours. The packaging is not so attractive, but travel friendly. It is fairly priced, 50 Rs. for a bottle and it comes in two other flavor: Mango and Almond.
What I genuinely feel:
I found it too sweet for myself, however if you have a sweet tooth then you will definitely love it! So, it entirely depends on your taste buds. When I made my younger sister try the drink she really liked it. The drink is Ideal for 14-40 years and I feel the young age groups would love it more.
The drink taste better when chilled, once you open the drink , try drinking it within 2-4 hours.
Overall I thought Zago breakfast shake is worth a try. Try it yourself and see. 🙂
You can buy the breakfast shake at ,, and

Online shopping: 5 Smart Tips On Buying Beauty Products Online

Hello everyone!
Today I just thought to write on online shopping ; how to shop-smart online when it comes to beauty products. Yes, a little break from my regular product reviews. 🙂

I realized I have been buying a lot of my beauty products online lately. I can’t exactly tell you how much, but every once or twice a month I have a package waiting to be picked up. I love online shopping, it is so convenient and these sites come with so many exciting offers.
” oh, shit! this is not the shade I ordered. “ or situation like “This product look so different in real!” happens quite often among online buyers, and I have often heard these lines from my friends and cousins. There are times the shade you see on the site is different from what it is in actual. It’s all a virtual gambling , you see, you assume and you buy. You can’t touch or have a real close look of the product, forget about zooming the picture because they also deceive us at times. These are some of the reasons people give me when I ask them why they don’t prefer shopping for beauty products online. My problem is I splurge on unnecessary beauty products lured by exciting offers that online platform gives.
So today’s tips is going to be on how to buy the right product and how not to splurge on buying unnecessary ones.
🙂 Follow these tips if you don’t want to end up having the wrong products:
Tip #1
Make a list of products you NEED
I say NEED in caps because I don’t want you to end up buying  unnecessary products. When you make a list of the products you need you know what you should look for and buy. Moving on to tip number two…………..
Tip #2
Compare product prices
Check and compare product prices on different sites and see which has the best price to offer. If there is no discount online and you need the product immediately then better buy it from the store directly. Because, the wait is worth only when you get products in heavy discount. What say? 😀
Tip #3
Do not buy unnecessary products just to be eligible for a free delivery or just because they’re in discount.

Buy only things you need!You don’t want to end up having extra products that you’ll never use. Remember tip #1 ……. Many of the sites have this shipping policy where you need to have 500 rs or 1000 rs worth products in your cart to be eligible for free shipping. Ask your friends or colleagues if they are also ordering from the same site, order together to skip the shipping charges. 🙂
Tip #4
Have a quick look of the product at your nearest drugstore or Check Youtube for reference 
This tip is applicable mostly on lipstick and foundation shopping . For example, you aren’t sure which shade of foundation suits your skin toner or which color lipstick is ideal for you, then quickly get swatches of the products at the store from their sample products and note down the shade no. or name. Or just have quick youtube browse. This will help you save time on deciding which product shade to order online and also get the correct shades.

Tip #5
Order only from genuine sites
Last, and the most important point; There are many sites which sell fake products ,worst, they never deliver your products after receiving the money. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of flash online ads and in no seconds you realize you are adding the products on your cart. But is the site genuine? Is it safe to put your card details? Analyze all of these or ask feedback from your friends and families about the site (in case they are into online shopping). Don’t forget to read the site guidelines. Look for refund policies and COD options.

I hope you find this article useful. Do you shop for beauty [products online? What are the things you hate and like about online shopping? Let me know in the comment below 🙂

Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette Review

Today’s blog post is going to be on Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette which I bought like three weeks ago. Sivanna cosmetics has really beautiful eyeshadow collection and I had a really hard time deciding which one to buy. Since I wanted a smokey brown eyeshadow palette, I chose Sivanna matte eyeshadow palette  in No. 2.

After trying it out for weeks straight I must say that I loved it! It has become my go to eyeshadow palette this summer. Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette  falls under nude category and has ten beautiful neutral shades in one palette. Even though it says it’s matte it does have three shimmer shades and one highlighter, which completes or should I say complements the other matte shades in the palette. A perfect eyeshadow palette for daytime wear , and also you can wear it at night with a bold lipstick. Talking about the texture and pigmentation, I would say that it’s not at all powdery . It sets perfectly and last for about 5 hours without an eyeshadow primer. The pigmentation is good as compared to the price. However, I suggest you use it with an eyeshadow base to get rich pigmentation. I paid 420 rs for the palette and it’s absolutely worth it! 🙂

Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette Review

Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette

Packaging: The packaging is super cool and definitely travel friendly. The size is perfect to carry it around and also very light in weight. It comes in a see through container with two applicator and a small mirror attached. From the look it would just seem like a regular eyeshadow palette but as you open the palette and slide the palette box right you will find the applicator hiding with the mirror. I wasn’t aware of that until my friend playfully fiddled with the palette and saw it. 😀

Sivanna Eyeshadow Palette Review


Ingredients: Talc, mica, magnessium, paraffinum liquidum, ethylhexyl, palmitate, polybutene, methylparaben, propylparaben.

Net Wt : 13 g

Price: 420 rs Buy Here



Easily Available online

Good pigmentation

Travel Friendly


So far I didn’t find any , but I would update you guys as I see it 🙂

Would I recommend you to buy this product?

Yes, if you are looking for an affordable , good pigmentation eyeshadow palette then this one is a must try!

Have you used any of the sivanna products? Which is your favorite so far? Let me know in the comment below , I would love to check them out. 🙂