NYX Soft matte lip cream vs Miss Claire SMLC : Dupe Alert

I am a big time lipstick hoarder. I started my collection with Mac Ruby woo’, It was one of my first high brand lipstick and honestly I loved and treasured it with all my heart. But thinking of having a collection of Mac products seemed a little spending over board. So what next? Well, very simple… I looked for reasonable Dupes. In this post I’ll be sharing the perfect dupe of NYX soft matte lip cream, I’ll come with more dupes in days to come. So now, lets have a look at this match! NYX Soft matte lip cream vs Miss Claire SMLC :

NYX Soft matte lip cream vs Miss Claire SMLC
NYX Soft matte lip cream vs Miss Claire SMLC

So,during my such search for NYX  soft matte lipcream I stumbled upon Miss Claire soft matte lipcream, which is an exact dupe of NYX soft matte lipcream. After reading and watching reviews from a number of beauty bloggers I finally bought a few of miss claire Smlc for myself. After using the products simultaneously , here is what I think.

Face off: NYX Soft matte lip cream vs Miss Claire SMLC

Starting with NYX soft matte lip cream:

The packaging of NYX smlc  is pretty cool. The look of the tube itself gives a feeling of matte because of its matte upper tube. The texture of the lip cream is extremely creamy and smooth on the lips. It does take some time to set into matte , and once its matte trust me, its super matte. So,  by any means,  don’t forget to moisturize your lips before application. It comes in a wide range of shade. I have Adisababa, Amsterdam , Tokyo and Stockholms  in my collection.

Moving on to miss claire soft matte lip cream :

My jaw dropped at the first sight of Miss Claire SMLC because it looked exactly like the NYX smlc. They look like identical twin!

It comes in the same sleek tube form . The texture is soft and creamy. Takes a little time to set into matte. Comes in various shade , almost all shade look similar to that of NYX smlc . Each shade has a number printed at the base.

Detail comparison here:

Let’s Talk about the Similarities first before i go about talking of their diffrences.


Pointing out the similarities, let me start with the packaging. Both the lip cream has the same packaging style except that NYX smlc is velvety Matte at the top while miss Claire has sleek cap. Even the ingredients mention on the cover is the same!


Both have super creamy texture that feels extremely soft on lips. They have very similar scent . Every time i sniff the product it makes me crave vanilla ice cream. Yes, they smell desirably yummy.


Both have Doe foot applicator.
Staying power:

Both the lip cream last 5 to  6 hours, but if you are out drinking and eating then a quick touchup is needed.

Final result:

The final result of both the lip cream is the same. They take some time to set into matte and once its matte , it’s extremely matte.

There is a huge price difference. NYX smlc cost  750 INR  at  Sephora , while miss Claire smlc comes for just 240 INR online. However , prices may differ online. It could cost around 250-350.INR


The ingredients listed is same on both the product tube.

It’s Bizarre!

Where can you buy them:

You can easily get them at Amazon. You can click here to buy or you can check at Nykaa

What do I feel: 

If you ask me NYX Soft matte lip cream vs Miss Claire SMLC, which one wins? In terms of price differences and availability in India, I think miss  claire is a good choice. Miss Claire is cheaper and much easily available than NYX smlc. But in terms of trust and brand affinity, I would suggest you to go for NYX, because not much is known about the Miss Claire brand at the moment.

Have you used these lip creams? What are your thoughts about them? Do let me know in the comment below. 🙂

So, what do you guys think? Which is a better lip cream and who wins this match NYX Soft matte lip cream vs Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip cream? 🙂

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