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Let’s talk about the exotic food of North-East India today! I know the topic is a little different than what I usually blog about, but if you are a foodie or someone who love to cook and experiment with different cuisines then you would definitely love this post on North-East Food! 

Well, to clear out the fog, I won’t be talking about any North-East Food restaurants or doing a food review, but will tell you all where to find North-east food ingredients in Bangalore and northeast store in Bangalore!

Yes, you can now get most of your favourite North-East India food items online and offline in Bangalore. There are multiple Northeast stores in Bangalore which offer a wide range of products such as; bamboo shoot, Fermented fish, Shrimp, Plum, Sunflower seeds, mama or even ngari online. That’s not it, and the product list goes on… I’ll be giving the address further down the post, you guys can check it out yourself. 😀

North east food store


North East Food Court in Ejipura offers a wide range of fresh and healthy food products from North East. Fresh Greens and vegetables, Seafoods, Pickles, Food ingredients and other main and common food items preferred by North East People.. items. If you are looking for northeast food online shopping website, check them out, they also have an online store and they deliver within Bangalore pretty fast. 

Address: Sri Rama Temple Rd, Gowda Muniswamy Garden, Ejipura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095


This store is located at Anepalya 10th D Cross. The store usually opens in the evening around 6:00 pm and is open until 9:00 pm. They have a good variety of dried foods, but limited fresh vegetables. For those who wish to drop by the store, do check via a call if they are open because their timings are uncertain .

North-East Food
So Fresh!
North-East Food
Fresh King Chilly

North-East Food
# 547/12, Greeen House Building, Rama Temple Road, Ejipura, Bangalore – 560047, Opp. To Amardeep Medical
North east store in Bangalore


Situated in Ejipura, 7 Cross RA Road, this store sells fresh ingredients and dry foods from north east.


This store is very close to the fish market. I like this store for their fresh ingredients, mustard leaves are what I usually go there for. Apart from that, they also have a good variety of dried and fermented products. Here are some pictures from the store.

North east food stores in bangalore

How I feel in love with North- east food

North-East food is exotic and one needs to have an acquired taste to fall in love with it. How did I like North-East Food? Growing up in the North-East part of India, I have always loved their exotic range of dishes: Bamboo shoot with pork, Eromba, fermented soybeans, king chilly chutney to name few. Other than these, I love shingju, a typical Manipur salad-type dish.

College days and my love for Shingju– I remember during my hostel days (most mates were from Manipur) all of us would sit on the floor, head to head gathered around a newspaper full of Shingju as evening snacks. Those days (2008) almost all of us would get carton full of food items from home because it was the only way to access them at the time. However, today, you can get most of the North-East food products in the city! If you are in Bangalore and planning to invite your friends to try some of the north-eastern dishes, check out these stores for the supplies!

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  1. Kindly visit The House of Exotic Foods…it’s a one stop shop for NE Food..located at 9th Cross Ejipura Next to Greenview Hospital.

  2. Help me please, im planning to start a buisness regarding all these northeast items, I had contacted a seller but unfortunately I didn’t get positive response…. I used to stay in Mizoram, longing to eat those vegetables, and want to promote this things….

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