Makeup tips : Use silicon bra insert to apply foundation

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Yes! You read it right. I know it wouldn’t be much surprising to see this post as a lot had been already said about this crazy beauty tips on instagram by beauty gurus. I always look for easy makeup tips therefore, i thought to give this a try  .  Here is what i think.

Gives easy application

It’s super convenient to apply foundation with the silicon bra insert. You need not dab  or swirl for long. The smooth surface of the insert effortlessly helps blending the product.

Can be used to contour

Just cut the silicon bra insert to your desired size and purpose and use it to contour your nose , cheek bone areas and so on.

You save on your foundation
It doesn’t suck up the product so a huge plus point .

Easy to clean

Simply wipe it with a  wet tissue after finishing applying the product.

You save your money

Yes, because you need not spend extra money on buying those expensive blenders. But if you don’t have one , try asking your friends for a old one which they don’t use.

So what do you think about this hack? Or if you have tried this let me know your experience in the comment below .


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