Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Sunscreen Gel spf – 50 Review

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Hey guys! Today’s blog post is on Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Sunscreen Gel spf – 50 which is currently my favourite summer product. If you have an excessively oily skin and have been constantly looking for a non-oily sunscreen  then you have to try this one! Before I tell you guys what I really think of this product, lets have a quick look at the product description and other details.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Uv Screen Matte Gel Pa +++ spf – 50 is an innovative sunblock which is totally non-oily and provides a fresh and clean finish to the face, neck and hands. It protects against all forms of sun induced damage: skin tan, sun burn, pre-mature ageing & skin cancer.

Contains extracts of : Horse chestnut,comfrey and vanilla.


Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Sunscreen Gel review

Direction- Apply liberally and evenly on face and exposed parts of the body. Re-apply frequently, every 2 hours for best result.
Price of Lotus Herbals Matte Sunscreen Gel spf – 50  : 440 INR ( I got it for 396 at Amazon ) Check Here 
Quantity : 100g

Packaging- It comes in a standard soft plastic tube like most lotus herbals sunblock. The tube has a flip cap which closes securely. The packaging is some what travel friendly, but I suggest you take 50g pack in case you are travelling. The one I have is 100g and I feel it’s little bulky to carry in bag.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Sunscreen Gel review

Texture- The texture of  Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Sunscreen Gel is silky smooth and gel like consistency.Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Sunscreen Gel spf - 50 Review

My Overall Experience with Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Sunscreen Gel spf – 50 

This sunscreen, unlike other sunscreens that I have used so far, doesn’t make the skin sticky or greasy in any way. It keeps the skin matte for at least 2- 3 hours straight, and it absolutely lightweight. It seems like a creamy texture when pressed fresh out of the tube, but it beautifully settles as matte finish once applied on the skin. feel lotus sunscreen matte gel is great for oily skin because of its matte gel texture.I have an oily skin and this product gelled pretty well with my oily skin.  It gives a cool effect on the skin after application. It does have a mild fragrance, which doesn’t bother me much. I also used this underneath my makeup foundation and I am impressed with the result.  I know it is a bit overpriced as compared to other drug store sunscreen products, keeping the price factor aside, so far this one has worked best for me. You can first try the smaller tube ie 50g which is half the price of 100g. Try it on your skin and if at all you feel it works best for you then go for a bigger tube. 🙂 Buy it now on Amazon using the link below.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this post because i was worried about my hair fall and dandruff problem, i’ve used many shampoos but none is useful but after reading this post and knowing about organic shampoos i gonna buy an organic shampoo and use it ..!!

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