How to keep artificial jewelry safe from rusting

Last Updated on July 15, 2020 by yangandbeyond

Jewelry such as a chunky bracelet, chain necklace, and metal earrings are fun to pair up with the clothes we wear. But these fashion accessories tend to lose its shine after a long wear or when in contact with direct sunlight or water. 🙁 So Guys! in today’s post, I’ll give you all a really simple tip to help you keep all your artificial jewelry safe from rusting and discoloring!
Rusting of the metal is one of the problems, and discoloring next. Direct contact of the sunlight and sweat leads to a chemical reaction and hence, shows a color change in the accessories we wear. So, what should we do to keep our artificial jewelry safe from rusting and discoloring?

To know how to keep fake jewelry from rusting continue reading ….

This is a very simple trick to keep your inexpensive non-gold or silver pieces of jewelry new for long use. All you’ll need is a transparent Nailpolish!

How To Go About:

* Spread the accessory on the table. Make sure you place a sheet of paper underneath so that the table doesn’t get polish stains.

* Shake the nail polish bottle well  and brush it over the accessory

*If it’s a necklace do unlock it before brushing the polish as the lock may get stuck if not separated

*Leave it for a minute to dry, and there you are!

You just saved your accessory from early rusting and discoloring! This trick not only helps in protecting your jewelry but also protects those suffering from nickel allergies to avoid any rashes or skin sensitivities. 🙂