Kathmandu to Manang – Travel diary, August 2018

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Impromptu trips are the best, especially when the destination has absolutely breathtaking view and your travel partner is your own little sister! ? Find out how exciting our trip was, and how you can as well make this trip in one week or two from Kathmandu to Manang.

Previously, I have shared few photos of Manang, Nepal in my Instagram page (Check here) , and since a lot of you have been asking me about this beautiful place I could not wait to write this post ( My bag’s still unpacked) 😀

So, let me tell you guys a little about Manang and how to travel from Kathmandu to Manang.

About Manang and where it is located-

Amidst giant mountains and scenic beauty, this splendid place is situated in Manang district of Nepal, 3519 m above sea level. Leaving the crowded city of Kathmandu and reaching this calm soul touching place would sure make your heart pound with joy.

On entering the valley and walking through the Manang gate for 5 minutes you’ll find a number of Hotels, shops, and stores that sell trekking gears.

You can also follow the sketch map of Manang that stands right before entering the lane.

Map of Manang

Further down you’ll see traditional houses made of stones where the locals reside. This being my second visit after almost a decade, I could see the place has changed drastically. The last time I came to Manang, we had to trek for 4 days, It’s much easier to reach Manang now by road.There are moving vehicles that drop passengers from Basesar to Manang every day.  Most hotels now have wifi service inside the vicinity, most houses now largely use cylinder gas instead of fire wood, various vegetables are now grown in the village for consumption with the help of geen-house method and more……

Manang is also a common resting point for people or  groups trekking around the Annapurna range to acclimatize to the high altitude, before taking on Thorong La pass. However, if you are just planning to take a trip to unwind yourself or float into the spirit of pure nature or just to witness the beauty of buckwheat flower blooming in all its glory (like us) then let me tell you , ‘ You gonna absolutely fall in love with this place’!

Best time to visit Manang- 

September to November – Buckwheat flowers towing left and right while visually painting the entire valley in the a pinkish hue, September also marks the end of rainy season and the weather is perfect to hike, Vehicles run up and down without any en-rout road troubles. The only draw back is that the hotel which are usually packed during these peak seasons, so one of the best option is to book rooms in advance, it is often easy to get rooms off seasons tho. You can stay in Hotel Mountain lake in manang for a comfortable stay. If you are trekking via Manang to Thorong la then you’d need to stop at Yak Kharka for a night to rest. After trekking for hours if you are looking for a place where you can feel at home then do stay at Hotel Dream Home.

Hotel Dream home, Yak Kharka

They have excellent customer service, with wifi, hot shower and warm dining hall.

Dinning hall

You can book your stay by simply leaving a message on their Facebook page.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW 

Kathmandu to Manang- How to Travel

There are different modes to reach Manang – buses, micros, mini bus , bikes and helicopter. We chose to travel on a micro, because apparently they drop you faster than buses. If you are traveling in a bus or micro , you will have to change the vehicle at Besisahar. Unless you reserve a direct sumo from the city which goes to Manang.

Our journy to Manang…

At 9:10 am we sat in the micro and paused at Naubise at 10:15 am for a short break.

12:15 pm we stopped at Malakhu for lunch. And finally at 3:40 pm we reached Besisahar.

We stayed the night in Gangapurna hotel at Besisahar and checked out the next morning at 8:17 am. From Besisahar we took a sumo to Manang. But just after 2 hours of travel, we we caught ourselves in the middle of a land slide which apparently wasn’t so bad, but took some time for the bulldozer to Clear the roads. We wasted our time waiting for around 1 and half hours for the vehicle to move.

Quickly at 1:15 pm we reached the lunch point. After enjoing a hearty meal near the water fall our vehicle made a move only to be stopped by another Scarry distructed road . 🙁

We had to leave the ride there as there was no possibility of crossing the road until the weather was stable. We then took another vehicle to Manang. As we reached chame , it began to rain heavily and made our ride scarier. My mind finally found peace when we reached humde around evening. After all these ups and downs in our journey, I forgot to tap on the time. I only checked my watch on reaching Manang at 8:10 pm. It was dark, cold and all I wanted to do was sleep! Next morning, the beautiful view outside our rooms took away all the travel hangover from my body. ?

Travel cost from Kathmandu to Manang

  • Kathmandu to Besisahar- 450 INR
  • Besisahar to Manang – 1500 INR


Here are few beautiful pictures of Manang from my Instagram account.


kathmandu to manang

Gangapurna Tal, Manang

kathmandu to manang

Prayer wheels at pocho gumba, Manang

kathmandu to manang

Fresh apples picked near Koto, Manang

Mountain Lake Hotel, Manang

Kathmandu to manang

Sea buckthorn

At the Buckwheat field

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