How To Use Baking soda For Blackheads

I am sure, everyone of you are familiar with baking soda. It’s a very common kitchen staple. However, it is also very popularly known for it’s amazing beauty benefits. Have you tried using baking soda for blackheads? Well, you should give it a try. The result is simply amazing!


I love to experiment with different natural beauty remedies at home. They are natural, safe and inexpensive. Using baking soda For Blackheads is one of my favourite remedies to get rid of the blackheads naturally.  Let me share with you all how I use baking soda to vanish blackheads. I basically use baking soda  as a facial scrub. I had been trying out for months and trust me, I could see some positive result. Before I begin, here is a little disclaimer:

This remedy worked on my skin.I wouldn’t guarantee that it will work on you as well, we all have different skin issues. Since it’s all natural there is no harm trying it. However, If you have chronic acne issue, I suggest you take some advice from a dermatologist first.


Benefits of baking soda for skin: Exfoliates skin, clears the pores and removes dead skin cells effectively.
Since lemon acts like a natural bleach, this scrub will brighten your skin and add a healthy glow to it.

How often: Once a week

To make this Natural Face scrub you’ll need:

  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • Half a lemon

* If you have dry or sensitive skin, replace lemon with honey.  For effective face lightening use baking soda, lemon and honey mask.

Check out the video for the method.

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