How to use Aloe Vera gel as makeup primer

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If you saw my Instagram post on aloe vera gel and were thinking about how to use aloe vera gel as makeup primer then your answer is right here! Yes, aloe vera gel works as good as the conventional makeup primers but in much lesser cost. You would say “why do I even need a makeup primer? ” Yes, you do ! Just before putting your makeup on.  

Here it is why: Makeup primers even outs the skin texture and gives your makeup foundation a smooth surface to work on. It makes makeup application easy and holds the makeup intact for long.

The reason I started using Aloe vera gel as primer

A few weeks back when I ran out of my makeup primer, I started looking up online for a reasonable makeup primer other than the one that I had been using. I was using Colorbar Perfect Match Primer and was pretty much happy with the way it worked on my face. It’s a gel-based makeup primer that comes in a see-through tube pack. 30 ml and I got it for 100 bucks discount on Amazon.But then, I thought there is no harm trying other makeup primers in the market, and if the makeup primer is below rs 500 then it’s super cool. After half an hour or so, when I didn’t find any good makeup primer at the reasonable price, and even when I did; they were either from a brand which I have never heard of or too cheap to believe that it could do a better job. I began searching for natural makeup primer and then I decided to try aloe vera gel as a makeup primer, because why not? There are so many beauty bloggers out there who have tried it and have given a positive response. 🙂 So here I am today, sharing with you’ll on how to use Aloe Vera gel as makeup primer!


My experience using aloe vera gel as makeup primer :

I bought myself Aloe Veda Nourishing Aloe Vera Gel (with Green Tea Extracts and Vitamin E beads), 125g for rs 90 (You can get better aloe vera skin gels in market. I’ll list them down below.  ) So after wearing it with my regular makeup for continues 3 days and I must say that I am so damn impressed! I have an oily face and it did a great job. Except for my T zones, my face looked ok throughout the day.

How to apply aloe vera gel as make up primer ?

You can safely use aloe vera gel as natural makeup primer and also feel happy about it as it’s cheap and really effective. Apply it just as your regular makeup primers. Dab a tiny amount of aloe vera gel and massage it through your skin. Just a two finger tiny scoop is enough. Let the gel dry completely, it will just take 1 min to dry, and then apply your makeup foundation. I use my makeup sponge to spread the foundation around my face and neck. Once you are done with the foundation you may or may not use a translucent powder to give it a final touch up. 🙂

Good points:

  • Not sticky at all.
  • Keeps your makeup look fresh for a stretch of 6 to 8 Hrs
  • Good price
  • Gives your skin a fresh feeling

Bad points: 

  • I didn’t like the strong fragrance of the gel I used (Aloe Veda Nourishing Aloe Vera Gel) , apart from that nothing bad. I feel colorless and scentless aloe vera gel would work best.

Here are Some Natural Aloe Vera gel available online in India – 

Have you tried aloe vera gel as a makeup primer? What are your thoughts on it, let me know in the comment below 🙂



how to use aloe vera gel as makeup primer






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  1. I should start using a primer under my make up as I know make up lasts longer underneath it. The Aloe Vera sounds great and a natural product too.

    • Exactly ! Aloe vera gel is a good natural makeup primer to start with. Don’t use the gel directly from the plant, instead go for tube or bottled aloe vera gel that is transparent and scentless 🙂 Do let me know how it worked for you .

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