How to remove blackheads using Baking soda

Can you really remove blackheads using Baking soda? Well, this is something I used to ask myself everytime I see this as a natural hack to get rid of blackheads. However, after giving it a try, I’d say, ” yes, to an extent baking soda does help in removing certain amount of blackheads.  

Remove blackheads using baking soda
Easy tip to Remove blackheads using baking soda

However, I’d not suggest using baking soda on a regular basis. You can use baking soda as facial scrub only as an alternative on days when you are running out of your facial scrub.

Disclaimer* I am not a skin expert, I just like to share skin care tips that works for me. I have oily skin, so this natural skin care remedy worked for me. Figure out what’s best for your skin type and decide which natural home remedy suits the best for you. You can even look for content such as ‘baking soda for blackheads reviews’ to decide if you want to try baking soda to remove your blackheads. No matter what, Be gentle on your skin. 🙂

How to remove blackheads using Baking soda

In order to remove blackheads from the face using baking soda, all you’ll need is baking soda, lemon and honey (Optional). I like to make in small batch and focus more around my nose and chin. That’s where I get most blackheads. If at all you have the same issue and ever thought of how to remove blackheads from the nose at home, then let’s get started!

This remedy worked on my skin.I wouldn’t guarantee that it will work on you as well, we all have different skin issues. Since it’s all natural there is no harm trying it. However, If you have chronic acne issue, I suggest you take some advice from a dermatologist first.

To make this Natural Face scrub you’ll need:


  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • Half a lemon

* If you have dry or sensitive skin, replace lemon with honey.  For effective face lightening use baking soda, lemon and honey mask.

How often: Once a week

Benefits of baking soda for skin: Exfoliates skin, clears the pores and removes dead skin cells effectively.
Since lemon acts like a natural bleach, this scrub will brighten your skin and add a healthy glow to it.

Check out the video for the method.

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  1. This face scrub work effectively to get rid of blackheads. I have used it and it helps to absorbs dirt and oil from the skin and provide a clear, glowing skin. Thanks for sharing.

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