How to do an easy smokey eye

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How to create an easy smokey eye?

Creating a smokey eye can seem or feel really difficult to achieve when you are just learning makeup. Well, here is a super easy smokey eye tutorial for beginners, which I bet will help you achieve that soft smokey eye makeup looks effortlessly in under 10 mins.

How to do an easy smokey eye

Quick smokey eye makeup look using kajal

To create this look, I am using the Himalaya kajal. You can use any cream-based kajal, I like the Himalaya kajal as it’s herbal, affordable, and one of the best kajal for smokey eyes. You can even try Lakme eye kajal if you are looking for something in a similar price range.

First, I’ll be adding some kajal on the outer corner of my eyelid. Then I am going to gently smudge the kajal, ensuring it stays just inside the corner of my eyelid.

Next, I am taking a black eyeshadow, and using a flat brush, I am picking some products. With a gentle motion, I am dabbing the product over the smudged kajal. 

To blend the product, I am taking a brown base eyeshadow, and using a fluffy brush I am blending it all together. 

I am then going to take a glitter eyeshadow and apply it from the inner corner to the mid of the eyelid.  

After eyeliner and mascara, I am taking a tiny bit of highlighter and adding it to the inner corner of the eyelid. That’s it


Do smokey eyes look good on everyone?

Smokey eyes can look great on everyone, provided it’s done in a way that complements the eye shape of the person.
For small or hooded eyes, try to keep it subtle and go for a thin liner.

You don’t need a ton of products to create a smokey eye especially when you are in the learning phase. If you have a cream-based kajal, black and brown eyeshadow palette, mascara, and eyeliner you can play around and try to achieve that soft smokey eye. 🙂

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