Eye brow pencil : Makeup revolution london Review

Makeup Revolution London Eye brow pencil : No More Bad Brows! Trust me, this product is amazing. Read my review below 🙂

eyebrow pencil

Product Description:

Introducing professional and awesome brows with our ULTRA BROW ARCH & SHAPE. Dual ended for ultimate perfection brows. On one end we have a soft yet intense pigment BROW PENCIL, on the other end a super-fine felt trip to allow you to draw, define and shape your arch, individual hairs, and fill your brow in a ULTRA professional way.

Total control, ease and flexibility for your Brows.

Available shades– Fair , Medium, Dark and Darkest

Price : 650 Rs.

I got it in discount online. So check online for better deal. I got mine for much cheaper price at Amazon

What I feel :

Honestly , I loved this eyebrow pencil. It turned out to be more amazing than its name. The dual ended side of the product is seriously impressive! I have previously tried brow pencils that has eyebrow pencil in one end and a blending brush on the other end but very rarely I had managed to get the perfect brows. The dual ended brow pencil indeed effortlessly gives the ultimate perfect brows. One side of the product that has a super-fine felt tip (looks like a sketch pen)  allows you to draw the outline of your brow , while the other side of it has a intense yet soft pigmented brow pencil to fill in the brows. The brow pencil side has a twist  up and down mechanism that keep the product secure.

I have a warm skin tone therefore I chose to buy the Dark shade. It was  soft toned brown. I was happy with the brow pencil but the other side of the pencil which looks like a sketch pen was way too light for my skin tone . I have to make sure to order the darkest shade in my next purchase.

How to use:

Use the Felt tip to shape and define your arch and the pigment brow pencil side to fill in the brows. Don’t fill in your brows with the sketch-pen- like side (after filling the brows with the brow pencil); it will give you a patchy result. In short, don’t overdo it. 🙂


  • Decently priced
  • Good shade range
  • Long lasting
  • The felt tip gives the perfect shape
  • Gives easy application
  • Travel friendly packaging



Would I recommend you to buy this?

Yes! Of course I would!

Have you tried this eye brow pencil? What do you think about it or which is your favorite  eyebrow product ? Let me know in the comment below 🙂


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  1. great review. i was looking to buy a eyebrow pencil. Thanks for making my choice easy.can’t wait to try it.

    • Thank you Chandni <3

      Yes, if you are looking for a good eyebrow pencil with a fair price , you must try this! Buy it online.... you will get it for much cheaper rate 🙂

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