Double cleansing Method for acne-prone skin

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For those who love to watch 10 step Korean skincare routines on Youtube, I am sure that you are completely familiar with the term “Double cleanse or Double cleansing method. The double cleansing method is just as simple as the term. It simply means using two different cleansers. The first method is where you use an oil-based cleanser that helps loosen waterproof makeup, product build-up, dirt and oil from the skin, and in the second step, you use a water-based cleanser to wash off any residue.

Is double cleansing good for acne prone skin?

While the thought about using oil on the skin can be a little scary for oily skin beauties, however, it’s fine to use an oil cleanser with an emulsifier.

Why an oil cleanser with an emulsifier?

If you have tried coconut oil to remove makeup, I am sure you have experienced that sticky feeling after washing your face with just water. That’s Because oil doesn’t dissolve in water. However, an emulsifier in oil helps oil dissolve in water turning the oil into a milky cleanser.

Many skincare bloggers suggest not to use coconut oil to remove makeup as a part of a regular skincare routine, especially if you have oily skin. The thick consistency of the oil tends to leave residue and clog pores eventually. However, I do find Coconut oil to be a handy option to remove eye makeup and Lipstick sometimes.

Double cleansing products for acne prone skin

I am currently using the palmers makeup remover balm & Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil as the first step, and the face shop rice water foaming face wash for the second step. Palmer’s makeup remover balm comes in a tub and has a creamy texture, whereas The Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil comes in a pumping bottle and is liquidy. While I like both the oil cleansers for the fact that emulsifies beautifully, I prefer Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil in terms of packaging and price.

Is oil cleansing good for acne-prone skin?

Ever since I incorporated the double cleansing method, I could see my skin health has improved a lot!
If you are thinking of adding this method as a part of your skincare routine and wondering how to do it, continue reading…

How to double cleanse?
I’ll take you through how I double cleanse at home using double cleansing products easily available in India. The products that I’ll mention are some of the best double cleansing products for oily skin.

Double cleansing method Step 1.
Wash your hand thoroughly and towel dry. (While you still have your makeup on/ skincare products from throughout the day) Just take a Pump of Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil and massage it onto your face in gentle, upward circular motions. Then add water to your face and massage again to emulsify the product (you’re doing it right if it turns milky). Lastly, rinse off the oil cleanser with lukewarm water.

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Double cleansing method Step 2.
Take a pea-size amount of the Face shop Rice water foaming face wash. Rub it in your hand together until it turns foamy. Work it on your face like any face wash and rinse with tap water.

That’s it! It’s really simple and trusts me, your skin will thank you for doing this. Also, don’t forget to use a face toner and moisturizer post double cleaning.



  1. Hello! I know about the double cleansing method, but wouldn’t apply it. Just because, I am afraid of any side effects of it. But after reading your blog, I am sure it will work well and effectively for a natural glow. Keep posting!

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