Dot & key time reverse retinol serum review

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Dot & key time reverse retinol serum review: After using the product for over a month, I am finally ready to blog about my experience with the product. 🙂

Dot & key time reverse serum
Dot & key time reverse face serum

Lately, I am kinda more interested in discovering and trying out new skin care products than makeup products (Comes with the age I think 😉 ) Heard and read a lot about retinol serums, so thought to give Dot & key time reverse Serum a try.

What does Serums that has retinol do to skin?

Serums that has retinol helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen.

What the brand has to say about the product:

A concentrated formula of potent antioxidants and anti-ageing elements like Tripeptides and Retinol, it slows down skin ageing by capturing free radicals and promoting collagen regeneration and cell growth. Infused with a botanical blend of Rosehip, Ylang Ylang & Geranium Oils, and highly moisturizing vitamin E & A, this age defying retinol cream serum increases skin bounce and plumpness by providing intense hydration. Alongwith retexturizing skin, this lightweight serum visibly lifts and restructures the skin, while assisting in wrinkle recovery. This multitasking collagen treatment ensures that skin looks tighter and smoother, restoring a youthful glowing complexion on regular application. This is the ultimate way to get more from your beauty sleep.

My Experience with the product-

Dot & key time reverse retinol serum is formulated for those above 28 years. The product claims to reduce wrinkles,fine lines and age spots to enhance skin elaticity . I used dot and key face serum regularly at night before going to bed for a week. I could feel that my skin felt a lot oil free and tighter in the morning, however I decided to dilute it with my moisturiser for the second week as I felt that applying it alone was making my skin flaky (I am sure that won’t be the same in summer). It’s been a month now that I have been using dot and key face serum, and I like the way it gets absorbed in the skin so easily , so far haven’t seen a drastic change in my skin, but since it feels tighter , may be it’s doing its work. 🙂

The fact that it has no nasty chemicals makes it even better. While it is suggested to use twice a day ie; morning and evening, I like to wear it at night only. Incase you use it in the morning, don’t forget to use a sunscreen before you step out.

Product size– 30ml

Key ingredient– Helichrysum and roseship oil.

Dot & key time reverse retinol serum Price– 1195 INR

How to use Dot & key time reverse retinol serum

Direction to use at Night- Pump 3-4 drops of the face serum onto your palm. Apply in dots all over the face, massage in upward circulation motion until completely absorbed.

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