DIY Nail Art Using Newspaper And Mouthwash

Last Updated on June 22, 2018 by yangandbeyond

I recently tried this super easy DIY nail art using newspaper on my nails and since it came out really nice I thought to share it with you all.

For all those who  don’t have the patience to sit put and do some nail art, but love to have some fun with your beautiful nails you’ll love it! Same goes with me. I am not at all good when it comes to nail art and there are days I really want to do fun thing with my nails, so I thought this was pretty cool to  experiment. If you are someone like me , then you should definitely try this simple DIY nail art.

Here are few things you’ll need:
Alcohol-based Mouthwash or rubbing alcohol
light color nail polish
Transparent nail polish
How To:
Start with the light colour nail polish base, I am using white nail paint so that the prints pop out clear and crisp
Let the nail paint for 10- 15 mins till it’s dry.
Next, pour the mouthwash into a small cup and dip your nail in the liquid for 30 – 60 seconds.
Take the newspaper cut out and immediately place it on your nails after it’s soaked in the mouthwash.
Press it gently for 6-10 seconds and then carefully pull the paper from the nail.
Do the same for all the nails.

Isn’t this so cool and simple? Let me know what you guys think in the comment below.

Apart from this, you can even try other nail art at home using some nail art design plates easily available in the market. Amazon has a wide collection of nail art kit that comes in affordable price. CHECK HERE 


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