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There have been multiple articles written about how important it is to eat something healthy in the morning before you begin your day. In fact from the Doctors to the Nutritionist and even our parents we have been constantly told not to skip the first meal of the day . But lifestyle these days have changed drastically. We sleep late and no doubt wake up really late and so we don’t have time to prepare or enjoy our breakfast. Who said that in order to prepare a healthy breakfast one needs ample of time and effort? I am not talking about the packed and processed food which are easy to quick to serve. Such lazy food not only shrink your mind from thinking about nutrition but also continuing with such diet can take a toll on your health.
Today i am going to tell you guys about how to add Buckwheat in your breakfast. They are highly nutritional packed with countless health benefits. Buckwheat is something i have grown on. Well , we call it ‘Kepra phra ‘ (Nyeshang dialect, Nepal) – meaning buckwheat flour. Surprisingly it doesn’t fall under the wheat category as it is not a grass but is considered as pseudocereal.
Still not sure about buckwheat ?
It is popular among people of countries like; Bhutan, Nepal, India, Russia , usa, korea , Japan , China and other parts of the world. The buckwheat seed is triangular in shape. It is known by different names in various country and also prepared in a distinctive style of cuisine. The black buck wheat tea is quiet popular in China , buckwheat noodles in Japan , Korea and some parts of Italy, enjoyed as dhedo in Nepal , Kuttu ke pakore (buckwheat snack) in India, and as pancakes in several countries.
It has high nutritional value. It is rich in carbohydrate , vitamins , protein and minerals like calcium , iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other minerals. It is also believed that adding buckwheat meal in your diet can help you tackle a lot of health issues such as, controlling blood pressure, diabetes, boost immune system, relief from constipation etc. It is also gluten free so it can be eaten even by those who are restricted from adding wheat in their diet.
Considering all its health benefits and partly because how easy it is to prepare, i thought to share buck wheat pan cake recipe with you all today. It is very simple to prepare and healthy.
Buck wheat pancake recipe
Breakfast Size: for two
Time: Ready in 15min
• buckwheat flour
• a pinch of baking soda
• egg white (optional)
• water or milk

Buckwheat Pancake with radish salad and omelette
Add 2 small cups of buckwheat flour in a bowl and then sprinkle a pinch of baking soda. To add egg white or not is up to you; if you want to make it more fluffy then sure go ahead and add one egg portion of white and use milk as an alternate to water. If you want to try out a simple pancake like i am then just add water to the flour. Now whisk the entire mixture until the batter has a smooth consistency. Leave the batter for 15 to 20 minutes ( If you are in a hurry, you can straight away cook , need not wait) . Next, heat a nonstick pan and once it’s desirably hot pour the batter on the pan estimating the amount you need for one pancake. lower the flame and wait until you see tiny holes appearing on top layer of the cake. Now flip it to the other side and let it cook for few minutes. once it’s ready, shift it on a plate and serve it with jam or any salad .
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