Best Hair Serums for dry and frizzy hair – under 300 rs!

Hair serums are the most reliable and easy product to use when it comes to hair care. Apart from giving the hair a protective shield, a good hair serum also removes tangles, add shine and control hair damage to a great extent. Today, I’ll be share some of the best hair serums for dry and frizzy hair available in India. The best part of this post is that most of the products which I’ll be mentioning below are all below 300 rs!

Matrix Biolace Deep conditioning hair serum

Best Hair Serums for dry and frizzy hair

This is currently one of my favorites. As you all know I had recently colored my hair, which means I have extremely dry hair at the moment. Using this hair serum for over 2 weeks now, and I can already see the difference. This hair serum has amazing oils content in it such as avocado and grape seed oil which nourishes the hair without weighing it down. It;s non-sticky formula and frizz control formula makes it a definitely go to  hair serum for summer. It has a mild fragrance which however doesn’t stick for long.

This hair serum claims to provide 6 benefits for your hair: control frizz, deeply smoothens rough ends, protect hair from humidity, add instant shine, nourishes dry hair , instantly detangle hair.

Quantity – 100 ml

Price- 295

Streax professional Vitarich hair serum

Best Hair Serums for dry and frizzy hair

This serum is again one of the best hair serum for damaged hair which is easily available in India. Vitamin E rich hair serum with macadamia oil in it, this hair serum can be great for those who like to indulge in hair styling products like blow dryer, hair straightening irons , hair dyes and perms.

The product claim to moisturize , smoothen and detangle , dry , unruly hair, protects hair from damage caused by UV rays, makes hair styling with blow driers and flat iron easier, great for straightening, permed or color treated hair. This hair serum has a lovely fruit smell which last pretty long on hair.

Quantity – 100 ml

Price- 190

Streax hair serum vitalized with walnut oil

Best Hair Serums for dry and frizzy hair

If you are already blessed with beautiful hair yet, want a mild hair serum to enhance the quality of your hair then you can go for this.  Enriched with natural walnut oil known to nourish the hair and enhance its smoothness, keeping hair shiny and manageable all day.

Quantity- 100 ml

Price- 185


Livon Hair Serum 

Best Hair Serums for dry and frizzy hair

I need not say much about the product , because I am sure you all know about this classic hair serum already. 🙂 I had been using the product ever since my school days. It does have a pleasant smell, however, I prefer scentless hair serums. There are many who does like hair serums with a fragrance, it varies person to person.

Any way, last but not the least, this serum which has vitamin E in it gives the hair the desired amount of protection and shine it requires. Apart from controlling frizz  and hair tangles it also claims to reduce breakage.

Quantity – 100 ml

Price – 230

How to apply hair serum for best result

To get the maximum benefits out of the hair serum use it on damp hair. When your hair is still damp, take few drops of the product and apply on your hair starting from the roots. After which you can blow dry it or style your hair as you wish.

All of these products I feel works as a great hair serum for dry and frizzy. These are some of the best hair serum for dry hair in India that I have tried and totally recommend. Have you used any of these serums? Or do you have any other recommendation? Let me know all of that in the comments below! 🙂



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