Best blotting paper for oily skin available online in India

Don’t you hate when your face turns oily, greasy and shinny? It is even more annoying during the summer when you have makeup on! In today’s post I am going to talk about facial blotting paper and how it helps in keeping the skin matte through out the day.

Just like we use blotting paper to remove excess oil from our favourite fried foods, facial blotting paper does the same for our face.

If you wondering about the blotting paper uses or how to use blotting paper for face here is how; these facial sheets helps to control excess oil on our face and keeps it non greasy through out the day. It’s very simple to use these facial blotting papers, just pat your face with blotting paper when ever your feel your face looks oily. You can also pat your face with these sheets after applying creamy makeup to absorb excess oil from the product. This will help the makeup to stay put. For maximum gratification, pat the sheet around your nose and other oily areas of your face.
I have been using blotting paper for my face for years now. Some of the best blotting paper for oily skin I have tried so far are:   

best blotting paper

NYX Facial Oil Blotting Paper

 NYX Matte Blotting Paper – It comes in a hard paper envelop and has 50 sheets inside. The paper is cleanly packed and it’s easy to take out. The sheets are very thin and absorbs oil form face quite good. NYX blotting paper price in India is 687 rs.
Buy here . You can even check out at for better offers .

Jabs oil clear film- I got this one as a gift from my cousin and it’s almost like the clean and clear blotting sheets, which I’ll discuss next. The texture of this blotting sheets is soft . I am not so sure about the price of this one, but it shows 5 $ on

best blotting paper

Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets- This one is by far the best blotting paper I have used. It instantly soaks up excess oil and removes shine from the face. Even when you have makeup on, you can use this sheets without any doubt of smudging the makeup. The texture of these facial blotting sheets is super soft and silky.  

Clean and clear blotting paper price in India is may differ from site to site. You can check on Amazon.

best blotting paper

Clean and clear oil absorbing sheets


Pros of Facial Blotting paper –

  • Soaks up excess oil from your face without completely drying it.
  • Keeps the makeup intake.
  • Comes in travel-friendly packs.
  • Gives the face a matte effect
  • Works Best for oily skin.

Cons of Facial Blotting paper –

  • Expensive
  • Not easily available in stores

where to buy blotting paper

I have not come across any cosmetic stores in Bangalore that sells these facial blotting sheets, but you can easily buy blotting paper online in India. I usually buy blotting paper on Amazon or from Nykaa.

Blotting paper substitute

If you feel the price is too high for these sheets, you can try a fresh Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers  instead. Toilet seat covers come in huge size, all you got to do is cut them in small square sizes and store it in your empty compact powder container. You’ll be surprised to see how similar toilet seat covers works like the regular blotting sheets  🙂



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