6 time-saving beauty hacks every girl should know

We all love beauty hacks, don’t we?

Are there days when you just don’t want to spend time on getting the perfect wing or put on some makeup? Or days when you are in hurry and have no time to make your hair? I can totally relate. Here I am going to give you 6 simple beauty hacks that’ll keep you look gorgeous every day regardless how busy you are!

Beauty Hack #1 Take some moisturizer in your palm and mix it with a little amount of BBCream or makeup foundation that of course matches your skin tone  (1:1 ratio). Apply on your face like regular cream. This trick is the best when you are in rush because it gives a very smooth application and saves a lot of your precious time. The BB Cream will give seer coverage and the moisturizer will help your skin hydrated throughout the day.


Beauty Hack #2 Apply a nude lipstick (preferably with a pink undertone) as cream eye shadow and then dab  tiny bit of translucent powder to make it stay throughout the day.

Beauty Hack #3 Use the same lipstick as a cream blush and blend it well using your finger.

Beauty Hack #4 Make use of a sticky note to get the perfect wing.

Beauty Hack 5# Place the mascara under your arms for few seconds, this will help the liquid inside separate. Apply the mascara in a zig zag motion.

Beauty Hack #6 Finally the hair! Tie your hair in two-layer ponytail. Take half hair starting from the crown and tie it with a rubber band. Now, take the lower part and tie it with another band. Adjust the top pony in a way that it hides the second pony, and voila! You are good to go!


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