Beauty hack | How to use cotton swab to apply makeup

Hey guys ! I am back with yet another ‘beauty hack’  for you all! If you thought that ear buds or cotton swab are only good to clean the ears , you might be surprised to see these awesome ways you can use cotton swab to apply makeup!

cotton swab to apply makeup

# 1  Apply eyeshadow with q tip

Days when you don’t want to spend much time applying eyemakeup using different brushes, you can simply use Cotton  swab to apply your eye makeup. Take a shade that matches your skin tone and lightly draw your crease. Take a darker shade, starting from the corner of your eye go till the eyelid. Now, take the other side of the cotton swap ,which is clean, and blend using light pressure. That’s it! You now have a soft smokey eye, clean and blended! This hack comes really handy when you are traveling.

# 2 Fill in your brows with cotton swab

Take any eyeshadow and pick the shade that matches your eyebrows, gently brush it off at the temple of the brow and then close to the nose.

# 3 Use cotton swab as lipliner

If you are someone who finds difficulty in applying lipstick correctly on the lips, use the help of cotton swab to draw across your lip line followed by the same lipstick shade.

# 4 To thicken eyelash

We all know this trick. Just dip the cotton swab in translucence powder , run it across the eyelash and then apply your regular eyeliner. Do it twice or thrice to see maximum result. This will help your eyelash look thicker and longer.

#5 Correct eye makeup with cotton swab

We all have days when we are in rush and our desperate attempt to get the perfect wing gets us more late. Simply use a eyeliner to draw a wing and clean up any excess product using a cotton swab.

# 6 Use cotton swab to contour your nose

Take the contour product in the cotton swab, start by drawing two lines down the sides of your nose. begin at the brow bone and go all the way to the end of your nose. Now blend the product using your finger.Next, take the clean side of the cotton swab and lightly apply the highlighter in a thin line from the top your nose down to the ball of your nose.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, if so please don’t forget to share. Also, let me know what are the other ways you use cotton swab to apply makeup in comments below.

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  1. This is such a great and helpful beauty hack! I’ll definitely be sharing this tip with my sisters!!

  2. Oh wow! I never really thought of using cotton buds to apply makeup. If ever, I use them to remove smears, like lipstick. But it makes sense. It’s more hygienic.

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