BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour

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Temporary Hair Colour: Are you someone who likes to experiment with your hair every now and now, then a Temporary Hair Colour spray could be an ideal option. A temporary hair color that washes out and doesn’t leave a permanent hair damage.

So, what’s BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour?

BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour is a spray on temporary hair colour available in India.

I got the BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour in the shade Blue Velvet . It was really fun to experiment with this product. Before I start with the details of the product, I just want to say that this post is not sponsored. My sister got this for herself to try, and since I found it really fascinating I decided to test it on my hair and let my readers know about the product. So let’s begin…

BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blue Velvet
bblunt one night stand temporary hair colour blue velvet

Product Description
Colour on your own terms. A cool new way to colour hair without having to commit permanently. Spray on to add a dramatic splash of colour to your day. Simply shampoo to wash off colour. Specially created for Indian hair.

Shades Available : Blue, Copper, Bronze, emerald green and blush Pink

bblunt one night stand bronze review
bblunt one night stand bronze

For a temporary hair dye in blonde, try the bronze or if you want to go for a temporary green hair dye, then go for the BBlunt emerald green

Shelf life: 2 years.
Price: 350 INR

Best way to apply the BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour
Apply to dry hair. Wear protective gear to prevent colour from staining hands and clothes. Isolate the section you want to colour. shake can well before use. hold six inches away from the hair and spray evenly on the desired areas. Allow to dry and comb through. For intensity, of color repeat the steps. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

Pros :

  • Comes in three beautiful shades
  • lasts pretty long on styled hair.
  • Colour pay off is good
  • The packaging is travel-friendly
  • Easy to spray

Cons :

  • It stains! If you decide to spray on lose hair then God bless your clothes and hands.
  • Takes time for the color to get rid of the hair even after hair wash.
  • Smells weird
  • It could leak if not handled carefully.
  • Makes the hair dry, rough and awkwardly stiff. (Good for short hair though)

My Experience With the product:
The first day I tried on my bangs. I was pretty happy with the result for first few hours, but then it later turned my hair too stiff and dry. It gave my hair  vibrant touch  , however it stained my hand Every time I touched my bangs.The second day I tried it on my braid, just at the ends like ombre. It stayed well and even though it made my hair stiff it didn’t bother me much as it didn’t come on my way.

BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blue Velvet
BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blue Velvet

My advice while using BBlunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour
When spraying the product, make sure you spray slowly giving light pressure. This will help you cover the desired hair strands without much product wastage. Don’t play too much with your hair once you have the product on. You’ll stain your hands and also the color intensity will go down.

Would I recommend?

I have a very mixed opinion, and so I leave it up to you guys to decide. Firstly this product is ideal for people who don't like dying their hair but would love to add some vibrant color to their hair sometime. Also, for those people who are taking a break from market dyes or have been applying henna on their hair. As you all know that once you apply henna getting a hair dye is almost impossible, so this is a perfect choice. Yet, I wouldn't suggest you use this regularly. Use it very sparingly. You can use it to highlight your hair or to create an ombre effect. 🙂
Where to buy?
Buy it now on Amazon using the link HERE.