Basicare Facial Oil Blotting Paper review

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I am finally ready with Basicare Facial Oil Blotting Paper review !  I usually blog about products I love , but today’s review is  going to be on Basicare Facial Oil Blotting Paper, the product I hate using and regret buying it! Yeah it’s that bad. 🙁

I ordered this attractive and promising pack of bloating paper online with the hope that it will help my oily skin look fresh and matte in this hot weather. But sadly it didn’t do any of the thing that an actual facial oil blotting do . Like, I had earlier used clean and clear oil blotting sheets which I believe my cousin, Annu, had got it for us  from Bangkok. I loved the clean and clear blotting sheets for the reason that it completely soaked extra oil on my face and helped me look fresh instantly. When it got over I desperately looked online for the same product. Since they were either not easily available or way to expensive I decided to go for something more reasonable. And this is how I ended up  buying the most stupid product that I am holding in my hand right here.


My experience with the product: I am so disappointed with the product. It comes in a lavender colour  pack , not so fancy or what so ever. Doesn’t have a strong scent of lavender and the sheets just look like a normal butter paper, it’s just that this sheets are thinner.

Fresh piece

225 RS for 100 sheets therefore 1  sheet is equal to 2.25  India Rupees. I don’t know what was I even thinking while buying this product!

After I have used the sheet


Easily available

Sorry , I don’t have anything good to say.


Doesn’t soak the oil from your face completely.

Not worth the money

Looks very similar to butter paper

One sheet is not enough. For those with oily skin you might end up using 2 to 3 sheets and still look greasy.

Will I buy it again? 

Man…… why am I even asking this question to myself!? Hell no, never!

Do I recommend you to purchase?

Please don’t. But just because I had a bad experience with the product doesn’t mean it would be bad on you. Like I said , I have real oily skin and I feel Clean and clear oil blotting sheets worked much better on me so I feel I should rather stick to clean and clear oil blotting paper. But yes, I will continue using blotting papers, but definitely not the basicare facial oil blotting paper.

Why Use blotting paper ?

If you have a dry skin, you would be wondering “why would people even buy a Facial blotting paper?” Trust me, for those who have extra oily skin (I am one among them) a good blotting sheet becomes really necessary during the hot summer days.  It especially helped me on days when I had my makeup on. Most of us keeps a press powder handy when we are out to just have a quick touch up , but during the summer when you are sweating you don’t want to add up extra layer of powder ruined your entire makeup. This is when a blotting paper plays the superhero role. It saves you from looking like a frying pan or a puri right out of the kadai. It literally takes the oil and stickiness of the face and gives you a matte surface to work upon for the second time.


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