Hi All!

Thank you for dropping by. Well, since you are here on this page I assume you would want to know a little more about me or at least this blog. 🙂

I started this blog this year Jan (2017), but even before I created yangandbeyond, I used to write on my personal blog (which was a potpourri of everything I liked or disliked). As I continued writing I realized I was more passionate writing about beauty and lifestyle. and then this page was born.

You’d find a lot of DIY ideas, Natural beauty tips, Product reviews, Food reviews, shopping tips, Beauty Hacks and basically everything that we ladies love 🙂

Most of the products I’ve reviewed so far are self-purchased. However, you’ll also find few product reviews which are SPONSORED. I don’t want to astray my lovely readers like you (who trust me so much) just for some free goodies or cash. For me, your genuine trust matters the most.  Therefore, I am going to be very transparent and let you all know if the product is sponsored or not at the end or beginning of every article.

I am not a full-time blogger, this is just a tiny space where I spend my weekends and free time to share my thoughts with you all. 🙂

Wednesday and Saturdays are the days I post, if you liked going through my blog please do subscribe(It will mean a lot to me).


Love~ Yang
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