5 Simple Nail Polish Hacks You Should Know!

Last Updated on July 15, 2020 by yangandbeyond

Lately I had been trying out some nail polish hacks to see if those hacks that we often see on internet really works. To know which all crazy nail polish hacks I love the most continue reading…

nail polish hacks

Agree or not,  nail polish is one of the items in our beauty rack that often goes unnoticed for months after one application (it’s a different case if you are a nail artist). With different seasons our preferences for nail polish color also changes; lighter shades for summer and darker for winter and so on…  As such, our craze for nail polish always ends us up buying more only to be dried after a certain time. Don’t you feel bad? Yes? So, make more use of the nail polish before it gets dried up or just painting your nails!

Here are 5 Simple Nail Polish Hacks you should try:

To prevent jewelry from discoloring

Rusting of the accessory is one of the problems especially when you buy it at a flea market or street shop. Direct contact with the sunlight and sweat leads to a chemical reaction and hence, shows a color change. In order to be able to wear these accessories for a longer time, just coat a layer of transparent nail polish on the piece right after the purchase. The nail paint will act as a protective wall to the jewellery. Read More 

Identify keys

Do you bundle of identical keys and struggle to get the house key especially when you return tired from home? Frustrating right? Just grab your favourite dark color nail polish and paint it to mark the house key. It will help you pick the right keys with no waste of time. Other thing you can do is just decorate all the keys with your favourite nail paint. Trust me, it will look awesome.

Use it to seal envelope

Running out of glue when you need to urgently send out a letter? Just pick a light shade nail paint and seal it.

To coat on bob pins

Bored of your same black bob pins? Give it a little funky or sparkly touch with nail paints! Also, the paint will help the bob pins look new for a long time.

Match your Nail paint with your lipstick

Have only clear nail polish , but want your lipstick to match your nails? Apply a layer of lipstick on your nails and coat it with the clear nail paint.

Do you know some more lipstick hacks, let me know in the comment below 🙂



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