10 Best Summer Makeup Tips & style hacks

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As much as we love summer, it can be the most daunting season especially for girls with extremely oily skin. Makeup seems to melt down with the temperature shooting up, and wearing tight jeans feels like a wrapped Egyptian Mummy. But, does it mean that we keep ourselves away from wearing our favorite makeups or clothes we love? No! I am here to give you some really simple and easy summer makeup tips & style hacks that will help you cope with the summer heat and help you look gorgeous throughout the season.


summer beauty hacks

Tip # 1 Apply Oil-free Sunscreen
Most sunscreen lotions are sticky, oily and heavyweight. Look for oil-control sunscreen with decent SPF . I highly recommend Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50. It’s extremely lightweight, doesn’t weigh your face down, has a mild soothing scent, leaves the skin feeling fresh and yes, comes with 50 SPF.
Tip # 2 Wear smudge proof or Waterproof Makeup
Makeup during the summer tend to melt and look cakey (blame the heat and the sweat). Use a good waterproof foundation, smudge-proof eyeliner, and mascara to save yourself from checking your makeup constantly if it’s on the place. Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara is my favorite Waterproof mascara and I love the way it holds on to my eyelash throughout the day. Also, try using matte lipsticks as they usually stay longer and does not feather. Since I have an oily skin, I dare not even think of applying a glossy lipstick.

Tip # 3 Always carry a compact face powder in your bag
Either you are a college goer or work in an office, keeping a compact powder always come handy for a quick touch up. But, make sure you don’t take too much of the product and remember to just pat around the t-zones. Try Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact Pearl. It’s pocket-friendly and comes in different shades. Chose the tone that matches your skin.
Tip # 4 Keep Oil blotting sheets handy
I love makeup blotting tissues as they really help in soaking up excess oil from the face and yet keeping the makeup in place.You’ll find a lot of shine control blotting tissues online (haven’t seen any in the stores though) , and trust me, if you have extremely oily skin then you have to get one for yourself. Some of the brands of which I have used blotting tissues earlier are NYX , Basic care and Clean and clear. Testing these three facial blotting paper, I’d say Clean & Clear, Oil Absorbing Sheets is the best blotting tissues I have used so far. Check here to see that one facial blotting tissue I regret buying. 🙁
Tip # 5 Invest in a good makeup primer
Makeup primers not only does it give your face a smooth canvas to work your makeup on, but also helps to keep the makeup on place for long. Well, this tip is only applicable for those who regularly wear makeup at work or college. However, if you just wear makeup occasionally then either to invest on a good makeup primer or not is your choice. If you have an oily skin , go for gel or silicon base makeup primer. Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer is absolutely amazing. I genuinely love this product because of it’s gel-like texture and the way it holds my makeup for long hours. I always underestimated the role of  primer in my daily makeup routine until I tried this one. Even though the price may not seem very affordable to some (especially the college goers) , it is worth spending on. The primer will easily last for months  Read more about the product here.

Tip # 6 Wear a scarf

best summer hacks
A scarf thrown around the neck gives a very relaxed look. Go for flimsy scars particularly pastels colors or prints. Also, make sure you cover your hair while walking out under the sun for long, it will protect your hair from the direct heat and help your scalp from turning greasy.
Tip # 7 Opt for cotton tops and dresses or clothes that are breathable.
Tight clothes will only make you uncomfortable and since the clothes are kissing your skin, you don’t want the sweat to catch the corners zones and stay their waving and calling for people’s attention.
Tip # 8 Wear comfortable open sandals or shoes
Sweat inside the shoes after wearing it for hours straight may give you rashes, and worst you might kill the person next to you if you dare to slip your feet off the shoes. Been there, smelt that. Yucks!:(

Tip # 9 Tie your hair up or try different hairstyles 

You can either tie your hair up as a ponytail or simply make a half or full bun. The whole idea of the tip is to keep the loose hair away from your face. And, one more thing, don’t go for blunt bangs during the summer, not only it is hard to maintain but also it could give you make your forehead sweat more. Side bangs are still OK. You can even try some fun hairstyles with a scarf.

Tip # 10 Stay Hydrated
Let me close this post with a very cliche line ” Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated this summer”. But ladies, it’s, in fact, the most important tip or thing to do! A hydrated body results in the healthy and glowing skin. So, make sure you drink at least 8 glass of water a day. If you don’t like drinking from the glass or worst, you forget to drink water at work, try this trick. Start your day with a glass of warm water. The next time you go to pee, drink 2 mouthful of water to refill the tank you just emptied. 🙂 DO this every time you go to pee, you can stop following this after 7 in the evening.

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