Annoying things you’ll hear when you hit a beauty store or salon

I have no idea why am I writing this post, but I had to in order to tell you ladies that you are not alone. Beauty stores and beauty salons are the places I go (not-so) often to pamper myself and feel beautiful, but these place many a time does exactly the opposite. Here are some extremely annoying lectures and monologue I had to bear in this so-called beauty whatever.

I walk into a beauty store, I stretch my hands to pick up my regular face cream and I hear a sales lady who had been following me like a shadow saying ” Ma’am, try this new product, it will be very good for your Pimples”.  Talking to myself “Well, I know I do have acne, but not more enough to feel bad about it.” My actual reply ” Ummm, yeah… thanks for noticing, but I came just for my regular face cream” Then, I keep the cream back and leave the store immediately. ” I’d rather buy somewhere else!


During one of my hot hair oil massage session in a beauty salon, the lady doing the magic on my head says ” Ma’am your hair is really dry and has crazy split ends. Why don’t you go for a really deep hair conditioning after this? ” Me talking to myself ” I know you got to say that because you want more clients, but why in a way making a person feel so damn bad about themselves? ” In real ” Oh yeah… (feeling really awkward) I’d come next time for sure.

I have really scanty eyebrows ( I agree) and the other day when I went to do my eyebrows, the lady there asks ” Ma’am what do you want me to do with your eyebrows?”  Me: “Thread my eyebrows ” The lady “But you have no eyebrows” Me “Give it a shape! That’s it”


The same lady who is threading my eyebrows with full concentration gives me some beauty tips after she is done. Which I really appreciate, until she says “Ma’am apply egg yolk on your face every day, it will help shrink the large facial pores you have. Me ” Do you mean to say egg white” Her ” Oh, yes!” Me: Facepalm.

Have you ever been in such situation or been made felt that you are not beautiful? Remember, they are just doing their job, don’t let their comments steal your peace of mind. You are beautiful. Simply be kind to yourself and love yourself the way you are. 🙂



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