WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Review

I respect cruelty free products, therefore whenever I come across products that claims cruelty free  I at least decide to give it a try. I picked up WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo  in the same note, when I was looking for organic apple cider vinegar online.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

We all know the amazing benefits of rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar. It is a great way to detox your hair from product build ups ,add shine to dull hair and treat itchy scalp. I have earlier tried apple cider vinegar rinse for my hair and I was pretty much impressed with the result. Except one thing ie; it lighten my hair color. Therefore if you have recently dyed your hair then I wouldn’t suggest you to try ACV rinse, and even if you do remember to do it very sparingly. So when I came acrossed WOW apple cider vinegar shampoo which is Sulphate and paraben free, Instead I ordered this product because of the ACV content. To know what my experience with the product continue reading.

Product Description: Undo the everyday damages heaped by styling products and dusty pollution on your hair and scalp. Cleanse your crowning glory with WOW apple cider vinegar shampoo that comes powered with natural and pure apple cider vinegar derived from genuine himalayan apples. Enriched with pure and natural botanicals, this sweet smelling shampoo gently clears up dandruff and cleanses scaly build ups to let your scalp breathe free and to leave your hair naturally smooth and shiny.

  • Gentle & Natural Detox Formula
  • Removes Scaly Buildups
  • Restores Hair Shine & Smoothness
  • Safe & Effective for All Hair Types

Packaging: It come in a brown semi transparent plastic bottle. I love the pump nozzle as it gives you the right control of how much product you require.



WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

To use: wet hair. pour a generous dollop on the palm. massage well into soaking wet hair and scalp using finger tips. Work up a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly.

Pros of WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

  • Cruelty free and 100 percent vegan
  • Gentle
  • Thoroughly cleanses the hair without stripping it of all it natural oils and avoiding sulfates, silicones, and parabens.
  • It adds shine to the hair and controls frizz

Cons of WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

  • Doesn’t do much as Apple cider vinegar rinse
  • It is quite bulky, not travel friendly
  • Bit on expensive side, but knowing the fact that it is sulphate and paraben free it is considerable.

Price: 499 rs

Quantity: 300 ml

My experience with WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

I have a very mixed feeling about this shampoo. Talking about the consistency, it’s not creamy or easily runny but a sort of gel like. The  first time I washed my hair with WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo I was struggling to get the right product amount to satisfy my hair wash experience. I remember taking way too more than other shampoo and even then there was not much lather. It was quite a frustrating experience. But, when I tried it the second time, I made sure all my hair strands were well water absorbed and I began from the scalp with a coin size of the product. And it worked great! So the trick is, since it’s a sulphate free product it is super mild and doesn’t lather fully. The purpose of hair wash is to clean the dirt and greasy feeling from our hair and in that case it does it all.

I suggest you use it as a scalp detox treatment and use it only twice a week. Since it has ACV I feel it could lighten your hair.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, if you are looking for a scalp detox shampoo, but if you are someone who loves shampoo that gives good lather then this product may not please you so much. Also, if your hair is oiled then you might end up using a lot of this product. I feel it could be a great option to ACV rinse, so I suggest you use only once a week.

Where to buy? 

You can buy the product at Amazon, Or simply click here to buy.

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MAC All Fired Up Lipstick Review

Today’s post is going to be  on MAC All Fired Up matte lipstick which is again one of the most talked about shade after MAC ruby woo. I was thinking to do a comparison review of  All Fired Up and Relentlessly Red first, but then I thought i’ll rather introduce the shade here in detail first. So, I’ll be reviewing this beautiful shade and also swatch it on my wrist and lips for you guys to see how the shade looks like.

Let’s begin with the website product description. It says ” Inspired by Ruby Woo’s overwhelming popularity and one-of-a-kind texture, M•A•C introduces new bold shades in its Retro Matte finish. Eye-catching colours like Dangerous and All Fired Up create a look that’s fiercely feminine”.

Yes, MAC All Fired Up is indeed eye-catching.I bet you’d be asked about the shade by people every time you were it. It is a bright fuschia pink matte with red undertones. I love the intense colour payoff and commendable staying power. It is completely matte like most of their Retro matte lipstick collection and the formula is so great that it last long on lips.If you are someone who loves wearing pink but awfully dread Red lipstick shade then this is the perfect shade to make a transition to Red comfortably.

This is how it looks on my lips

Price: 1450 rs

MAC All Fired Up Pros

  • Beautiful Shade
  • Amazing texture
  • long lasting formula
  • Doesn’t feather

MAC All Fired Up Cons

  • Like most MAC retro matte lipstick it is extremely matte and very difficult on dry lips. Moisturise your lips well then this wouldn’t be an issue.
  • The price it self. I wish it was more pocket friendly.

Would I recommend this lipstick shade?

Yes, I would definitely suggest you to try out this shade. 🙂


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Mac Retro Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hello All! I am back again with Mac Retro Matte Lipstick Review, and this time it’s a collective review and swatches of four shades!

    1. Mac Ruby Woo
    2. Mac Relentlessly Red
    3. Mac All Fired Up
    4. Mac Candy Yum Yum.

The first time I fell in love with Matte lipsticks was six years back when I happen to try one of mac retro matte lipstick shade at my friend’s place. She handed me Ruby Woo and told me to try it on, and DANG! I fell for it right then and there. Since then, I just can’t get over matte lipsticks! I have around four mac retro matte lipsticks with me right now in my lipstick collection and all of these makes it to my favourite list. If you are a lover of Pink, Red or coral and thinking to splurge on mac retro matte lipstick you got to check out these beautiful shades before you hit the store.

So let’s get started with the review and swatches of this four amazing shades from Mac Retro Matte Lipstick collection.

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick Review

Mac retro matte lipsticks are incredibly long lasting on lips, highly pigmented and gives great color pay off. However, like most matte lipsticks Mac retro matte lipstick can give extremely dry feeling on lips. So, moisturize your lips well before swatching it on your lips. Let’s start with Mac Ruby Woo:

There is no denying fact that Ruby woo is among one of the most popular and loved shade in their mac retro matte lipstick collection. It is a kind of red that can look good on any skin tone. A perfect shade for bridal makeup, dine out, photoshoots in fact it looks good any time any where.

Its website description says, “Very matte vivid blue-red. A long-wearing Lipstick formula with intense colour payoff and a completely matte finish.” I agree to everything they claim about the lipstick.

Many of you  may think it looks a lot similar to Mac Russian Red, I did think that way too, but they are very different from each other. Read Here


Mac All Fired up

If you are a person who love to hoard red and pink lipsticks, then you have to have this one in your collection. It’s a beautiful fuscia shade. Not too red and not too pink, it just balances both the color.

Mac Relentlessly Red

Mac Relentlessly Red is a bright pinkish coral matte. At first glance it looks a lot like All Fired Up, but it’s much brighter and fresh. This shade has a hint of all my favourite colour; pink, red and coral. If you are someone who loves coral shades then this is definitely the perfect coral red you should try. The red tone of this shade is not too loud, so even a person who  has never dared to try a red lipstick can absolutely rock this shade. I was surprised to see that unlike most of their Retro Matte lipsticks, this lipstick shade glided effortlessly smooth and didn’t dry out the lips like most retro matte lipsticks.

Mac Candy Yum Yum

This one is again a very bright neon pink. Some call it barbie pink and some Nicki minaj pink. So, you get an brief idea about the shade already. Overall, this shade is quite an attention grabber because of the neon touch in it,so when you have this shade on be ready to get some heads turned    Read More Here

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