10 things to keep in mind while shopping at Avenue Road Bangalore

Shopping at Avenue Road Bangalore is a lot similar to shopping at commercial street. However,the lanes are comparatively narrow and confusing.Also, you may not find branded shops or fancy eating outlets like we see at com street.


Avenue road, Bangalore is a crowded part of the city that could be your favourite shopping spot if you love to explore nooks and corner for the most affordable fashion piece. I wouldn’t suggest this place for western cloths, but if you love ethnic wear and accessories then you have to check this place out.

 During our college days, we would rush to this place for second hand books (which surprisingly would look as good as new) , to hunt for graduation saree or pick up class decoration stuff. Last week I and my sister happen to visit this place to hunt for some jewellery materials.


Oh, well… if you guys don’t know, I am trying my hands on making earrings. You can check out few of my handmade earrings HERE. 

Going to this place after a gap of 5 years was overwhelming. We went at the busiest day of the week, yes.. SUNDAY. It was a long walk from the main road as the cab driver refused to go further down looking at the human traffic. We marathon our way until we reached our destination RAJA MARKET.


We chose to stop directly at that market, because that small complex sells everything we were looking for in wholesale.


However, we did stopped by many tiny shops on our way to scan colorful cloth bags, kurti stalls and grab some fresh oranges .

What to buy 

Accessories, sarees, kurtis, umbrellas, fruits and vegetables and books. These are few of the things you’ll see many shops offering and in amazing affordable rates. Can you bargain there? Of course, that is the beauty of Avenue Road, Bangalore. 🙂

If you are thinking to check this place out, keep these few things in mind.

1. Make a list of things you want to buy – It’s always smart to keep a note of what all things you want to buy, as it will help you find the right place to spot the stuff.

2. Carry cash – Most of the shops don’t accept card or paytm and to look for ATM machines at this crowded market will just kill more of your time and drain you out, so carry cash.

3. Wear comfortable footwear – The roads are uncomfortably narrow with potholes here and there, so wear either flats or snickers to safe your foot from cramps.

4. Carry a sun-glass – If you happen to go to this place in the morning or noon, always keep a sunglass in your handbag. Since shopping here requires a lot of exploring, you might like to do it in a bit of eye shade.

5. Wear a head scarf – Again, since you would be walking for long hours, keep your hair protected from direct sunlight and dust. You can skip the head scarf only if you wish to return home looking like a scarecrow. 😀

6. Carry a big tote bag – It’s always good to carry your own shopping bag when you are out street shopping. The shops do give you plastic bags, but if you want to shop smart without risking of losing your stuff then please do carry your own tote  bag.

7. Keep your GPS on – As I mentioned that there are multiple narrow lanes, you might lose track of the road and find yourself lost feeling panic. If you have GPS in your phone, keep it on through out the time you are there. Else, you can always ask the shopkeepers for direction.

8. Ask for a business card from the shops you purchase things – Most shops usually hand out a business card, but don’t hesitate to ask for one if they don’t. Just in case you wish to go to the same shop again without getting lost or ask them for availability of new stocks .

9. Go with a friend – Tag a friend along with you to make your shopping in this crowded street a little fun. Make sure that friend wouldn’t mind shopping outside the comfort of AC and malls. If the person hates street shopping then be prepared to bear all the complains and face palm moments. 😀

10. Download a Cab or auto booking app in your phone –  After hours of shopping in this place, I bet you wouldn’t have the energy to look for autos or negotiate the fare. So, make a smart move. Book a cab or auto as soon as you are done with shopping.

Best day and time to visit this place

I’d say weekdays, because it’s way too crowded during the weekend. Also, go as early by 10:00 am or 11:00 am that way you’ll have more time to shop and return back before the sun goes down.

P.S: Eat something before you head out for shopping. Toss a banana or an apple in your bag for quick bite in between your long hours of shopping spree.

What do you guys think about shopping at Avenue Road Bangalore? Let me know in the comment below 🙂

5 Simple Nail Polish Hacks You Should Know!

Lately I had been trying out some nail polish hacks to see if those hacks that we often see on internet really works. To know which all nail polish hacks I love the most continue reading…

Agree or not,  nail polish is one of the items in our beauty rack that often goes unnoticed for months after one application (it’s a different case if you are a nail artist). With different seasons our preferences for nail polish color also changes; lighter shades for summer and darker for winter and so on…  As such, our craze for nail polish always ends us up buying more only to be dried after a certain time. Don’t you feel bad? Yes? So, make more use of the nail polish before it gets dried up or just painting your nails!

Here are 5 Simple Nail Polish Hacks you should try:

To prevent jewelry from discoloring

Rusting of the accessory is one of the problems especially when you buy it at a flea market or street shop. Direct contact with the sunlight and sweat leads to a chemical reaction and hence, shows a color change. In order to be able to wear these accessories for a longer time, just coat a layer of transparent nail polish on the piece right after the purchase. The nail paint will act as a protective wall to the jewellery. Read More 

Identify keys

Do you bundle of identical keys and struggle to get the house key especially when you return tired from home? Frustrating right? Just grab your favourite dark color nail polish and paint it to mark the house key. It will help you pick the right keys with no waste of time. Other thing you can do is just decorate all the keys with your favourite nail paint. Trust me, it will look awesome.

Use it to seal envelope

Running out of glue when you need to urgently send out a letter? Just pick a light shade nail paint and seal it.

To coat on bob pins

Bored of your same black bob pins? Give it a little funky or sparkly touch with nail paints! Also, the paint will help the bob pins look new for a long time.

Match your Nail paint with your lipstick

Have only clear nail polish , but want your lipstick to match your nails? Apply a layer of lipstick on your nails and coat it with the clear nail paint.

Do you know some more lipstick hacks, let me know in the comment below 🙂

Pork with bamboo shoot Curry

Hey guys! Today’s mouthwatering pork recipe is for all those friends & Insta fam who had been asking me to share the recipe ever since I posted a picture of it on Instagram. Ironically, I am not much of a pork person like I used to be, but I still find great pleasure in preparing it for my loved once on weekends; on their sweet demand. Any Vegans here? Sorry…you guys would just have to leave this post here. *cringe*

Ok, so all you porky fans are you ready? First thing, get the ingredients ready. 🙂

Prep Time: 40-45 minutes


  • 2 tbsp cooking oil
  • 1 kg pork
  • 1 medium size Onion
  • 1 spoon full Ginger garlic paste  (preferably fresh)
  • Salt to taste
  • Black Soy Sauce
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • Chilly powder
  • Bamboo shoot


Wash the meat thoroughly in running tap water and place it on a clean plate. Place the pressure cooker on the induction gas and add few drops of cooking oil. Next, cut the onion into small pieces and fry it in the oil. Once the onion turns slightly reddish in color, add the meat with a pinch of salt. Give it a good mix. Stir it after 10 mins again. leave it for 5 mins until you hear the crackling sound of the fats. After which, add the chopped tomatoes on top of the meat. Then, some chilly powder, garlic and ginger paste, 2 spoons of soy souse and finally add the bamboo shoot. Don’t give it a stir this time. Just add a cup of water and put the lid of the cooker on. Let it whistle for 4 and turn off the gas. Open the lid and mix the topping ingredients with the meat well. Serve it with plain rice and some boiled veggies. 🙂