Mythic oil review & how to use it

Mythic oil review: Sharing my personal experience and thoughts about the product after using it for a year! 

Mythic oil review

So, I bought this bottle of Mythic oil last year, and on the third month of using it, I was thinking about writing this post, however, I kept procrastinating. I can be a lazy B*M at times ~Rolling eyes~

Anyway, now that I have completely used a bottle of L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Huile Originale Argan Oil, I feel I should share my honest review on Mythic oil and how it works on hair. 😀

Before I share my thoughts and experience, let’s have a look at the product description. 

About the product: 

L’Oreal Mythic Oil is a professional multi-tasking nourishing oil. This professional hair management is empowered by highly concentrated oils – the secret of your hairdresser to breathe nourishment and shine onto the fibre without weighing hair down. Its formula, highly concentrated with natural argan oil, softens and protects hair. Its lightweight fluid texture facilitates hair-drying for silky magnificent hair from root to tips. Ideal for detangling hair after shampooing and illuminating it before or after blow-drying. Professional and hair-salon proof, it provides 48h anti-humidity and anti-frizz protection*, along with heat protection to heated appliances up to 230°/ 446°F.

Suitable for: All hair types

Pros of Mythic oil : 

  • Nourishing
  • Added heat protection of up to 230°c
  • Fast drying and ideal for detangling
  • Controls the look of frizz
  • Lightweight hair oil serum
  • Pleasant fragrance

Cons of Mythic oil

  • I don’t have much of cons, except the price point 😛

How to use Mythic oil:

There are multiple ways you can use Mythic oil on your hair:

Method 1: How to apply Mythic oil after hair wash? Towel dry your hair and see that your hair is 80 to 90 per cent dry. Next, take 1 to 2 pumps of Mythic oil in the palms of your hands, rub them together for few seconds. This will make the hair oil warm and spread evenly on the hair strands. Bend your hair and apply the serum from the ends to the roots.

Method 2: How to apply Mythic oil on damp hair? Apply evenly to towel-dried mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying. I suggest this method only if you are planning to blow dry your hair or style with hot hair styling tools. I find using this oil in damp hair weighs down my hair when I don’t blow dry right after. I use this method only when I am in a rush to step out.

Method 3: How to apply Mythic oil on dry hair? You can use it as how you have been using your hair serums. Apply to dry hair to tame frizzy, flyaway and smooth hair whenever you find your hair dry.

Quantity: 100 ml

Price:  1100 rs

My experience with product:

I bought this serum when I was dealing with really dry & frizzy hair, to such an extent that someone even said that the ends of my hair looked like a broom! Perhaps, that was one of the reasons I bought Mythic oil for my hair without any second thoughts. Mythic oil hair serum is loved by many hair professionals, and I had read & heard a lot of good stuff about the product. Yes, the price point is slightly higher than a regular hair serum, but I decided to give it a try.

Mythic oil review

When should you apply Mythic Oil?

Even though it says ‘Mythic oil’, it is a nourishing oil mostly used as a hair serum. Just a pump is enough for medium length hair. A bottle can last up to 6-8 months depending on how often you wash or style your hair. Acts as a heat protectant and prevents your hair from larger damage. In my case, I am not much obsessed with hot tools, but there’s not a single day I can skip hair serums. Mythic hair oil did help in making my hair less frizzy, and manageable, but not much with split ends and dry ends, since that portion of my hair was literally DEAD. However, at the beginning of this year, I decided to go short to get rid of the split ends. Post which, I could see the product work wonderfully.

Is Loreal Mythic Oil good?

To be honest, it’s a nice product and the price point is something you’ll not mind after using the product. Mythic oil by Loreal is a good option if you are looking for a nourishing hair oil that can be used as serum, heat protectant and oil. It’s such a versatile product. 

Hope you found this post on ‘Myhtic oil review’ helpful. Let me know what do you think of the product in the comments secont below if you have used it. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. 🙂


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Keratin Treatment for Hair on coloured hair, Before & After, pros & cons

Keratin Treatment for Hair: Does keratin kill your hair? How long does a keratin treatment last? What are the side effects of keratin hair treatment? What’s better, Keratin treatment or hair straightening? I am sure, you have tons of questions in your mind going on right now, while at the back of your mind, you are deeply contemplating whether or not to go for a keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment for Hair

I tried keratin hair  treatment for the first time

In December 2020 I got my first ever keratin hair treatment and it’s been almost 6 months now. I am writing this blog post to share my experience with a keratin treatment and to help you all decide if you should go for keratin treatment of hair or not. 

Before that, let’s just understand  what keratin treatment is and what it does to the hair.

Keratin is a natural type of protein in your skin, hair, and nails. This protein forms fibers that make it strong. Keratin works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, theoretically absorb the keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy. Keratin also claims to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style, and straighter in appearance.

Understanding your hair type is really necessary before going for any hair treatment. Not that I am a hair stylist or an expert, but since over the years I have experimented with multiple hair styling and coloring services, I can for sure now say that a lot can depend on your hair type. My hair for that matter is super dry and frizzy at the ends and oily around the scalp. If I had  to categorize my hair type to one category, then it’s definitely going to be ‘Wavy hair’. 

keratin treatment on curly / wavy hair

Does keratin straighten hair? As you can see, my hair looks straight but not completely flat. I had done chemical hair straightening in the past, and to be honest, I prefer keratin treatment above chemical hair straightening. It made my hair super manageable and all the frizziness was gone. Keratin treatment of hair is a good option for those who want to do away with the hazzel of every morning hair straightening routine. The treatment helps you take a break from everyday hair styling tools. If you have dry and damaged hair due to long periods of hair colouring and hair styling tools used, you can give it a try as well. 

Here is my before and after keratin hair treatment picture

before and after keratin hair treatment picture.
keratin treatment before and after
keratin treatment before after
keratin treatment after 3 months

Right now, my hair has grown up to 3inches  long, while the newly grown hair is my original hair texture , the end of the hair is still straight, but not completely smooth.

Keratin treatment hair after 5 months

Keratin treatment on coloured hair

If you are thinking of doing keratin treatment for your hair and then color it later, I’d suggest going the other way round. Yes, the treatment will change the original hair color, but not drastically. The best way is to color your hair first and then go for keratin hair treatment since you don’t want the effectiveness of the keratin product on hair to get overlapped by chemical hair color. 

Keratin treatment pros and cons

Keratin treatment pros

Keratin treatment pros

  • Makes hair smoother and easier to manage 
  •  Hair looks glossy and healthy 
  • Calms frizzy hair 
  • Natural straight finish 

Keratin treatment cons 

  • It can be pretty expensive  depending on the thickness and length of your hair
  • As your hair grows, the crown of your head and ends of your hair start to look weird. For those with super curly hair, they might need to get a touch-up every 3 months. 
  • Keratin treatment hair shampoo & conditioner are also pretty expensive. 

How to take care of your hair post Keratin hair treatment

  • Don’t wash your hair too often. Keratin treatment on hair would last for just up to 45 washes.
  • Invest in good keratin treatment hair shampoo and conditioner. Avoid products that have sulfate or paraben. Sulfate-free shampoo will ensure it cleanses the hair without stripping keratin from the hair.
  • Never skip hair serum!

How much does the keratin treatment cost

Keratin treatment price in India varies from 5k to 15k depending on the length of your hair and standard of the  saloon. I was lucky that I got Keratin treatment at home through a hairstylist I know. 

My overall experience:

yes, I absolutely like it. It was way better than having the hair chemically straight (which I previously did during my college days and fully regretted it.) While I had no big concern with my wavy hair, the ends of my hair, over a time of coloring, had become fried and unmanageable. Keratin treatment not only improved my hair texture but helped tame my frizzy hair, it also added shine and some life to my dead hair. Now that it is growing, I am thinking to let it grow to its natural texture since the ends still look fine. The reason I am thinking not to do it again is that my hair is pretty thin and keratin treatment tends to make it look flat. However, I don’t mind trying it again a few years down the line 😉

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Amazon home decor items for living room

If you have been following me on Instagram, by now you know that I recently shifted to a new apartment, and ever since, (trust me)I have been constantly drawn towards the Amazon home decor section and browsing through amazon home decor best sellers for hours! 

home decor items on Amazon India

Well, all the Amazon home decor items that I want to share with you all in this post were bought at different times starting from 2020, therefore some might seem a little rusted in the picture. Most of these items are listed under amazon home decor best sellers and they are pretty impressive. I will be sharing only those home decor items that I honestly liked, I don’t want to share the products that didn’t match up with my expectations. Perhaps, I’d do another post with the title “home decor items on Amazon you should not buy! “ Anyway, without further ado let’s look at the home decor products on Amazon that I got for my living room and I truly liked.

Home Decor Wood, Metal Floor Lamp

This lamp not only adds to the whole aesthetic of the living room but also gives a very relaxed vibe at night. The Lamp comes with a blue light led bulb (which I didn’t like much). I bought a warm light for the lamp separately.

Amazon home decor item

It diffuses soft glowing light and therefore can be an ideal lamp for bedroom set as well. It’s super easy to assemble and the height of the lamp is adjustable. The quality of the lamp is great for the price, no wonder it falls under the best home decor items on Amazon India. An ideal piece to keep for all amazon home decorators collection. It is available in two lampshade colors, white and beige. I chose the lamp in beige color since it matches the aesthetic of my living area.
Click {here} to check out  this product on Amazon

Jute Cotton Planter Basket

If you’re someone who loves indoor plants and has been saving boho home decor style Or boho home decor ideas pins on Pinterest, then this handwoven storage basket is definitely something you should check out.  I looked for the product on Amazon right after going through some boho decor inspiration on Pinterest, but the product image that the seller had listed was so not attractive, ordering this particular product literally felt like a gamble. Thankfully the product seemed to be better than the image!

Amazon home decor items in india

I like this Jute cotton basket since it comes in three packs (three different sizes (8 Inches,10 Inch,12 Inch Pack of 3 Basket) I am using it as a planter and I absolutely love how it beautifully adds a boho touch to my entire tiny living room. 

Jute Cotton Planter Basket on Amazon

Click {here} to check out  the product on Amazon 

Stool Pouffe for living room

This printed stool pouffe is one of my favourite items in the living room, also one of the products marked as Amazon choice products India . Essentially, a product marked “Amazon’s Choice” is an item that many buyers have purchased and were satisfied with, as told to Amazon through reviews data.  

stool pouffe on amazon
Stool Pouffe
Amazon india home decor

The print of the stool complements the rest of the Amazon home decor items I have in my living room. It comes in a set of two and the price is reasonable. While the stool looks fragile at first glance, it’s quite sturdy and durable.I like to use it as a laptop table while sitting on the floor and as a footrest while chilling on the couch. 
Click {here} to check out  the product on Amazon

Round Coffee Table on Amazon

This round coffee table looks stylish yet rustic at the same time. Tabletop does not have a glossy finish as shown in their Amazon store picture, that was the only difference. Otherwise, I absolutely love this coffee table.

Home decor items on Amazon india

Click {here} to check out  the product on Amazon

Round coffee table on amazon

Throw Sofa Covers

Throw Sofa Covers on amazon

There are plenty of home decor items on amazon that you can choose from,  these were just a few items that made it to my amazon home decor must-haves. Hope you liked this post. If you did, please do subscribe and leave a comment. And share it with a friend who loves finding home decor items on Amazon.   🙂

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